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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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As I wrote in yesterday's post, I went for an endoscopy.  (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)

Because of all my issues, they drugged me up with Benadryl through the IV before they gave me anesthesia.  All seemed fine when I woke from the procedure.  

I brought my own bottled water and rice cereal because I knew I couldn't consume anything they offered when I woke up from anesthesia. 


When I got home, I was really loopy still from the effects of the combination of anesthesia and Benadryl, same as last time. (See The Time-Censored Light Switch).  I dozed on and off but was speaking fine from the moment I woke up in recovery.

I sat out back by the pool for a good hour, until about 8 p.m., with my mom and sister and we chatted up a storm as we watched the dog swim!

For some odd reason, I couldn't sleep last night.  I think the Benadryl may have first caused me to be drowsy then caused me to be hyper.  I went to bed at 5 a.m.  When I woke up at 8 a.m. to use the bathroom... I HAD NO VOICE!

I had to text and write notes to my husband.  He immediately grabbed the discharge instructions and called the number.  He told them that I had no voice, my throat was slightly swollen and I felt some phlegm.

Stony Brook is great, but it's BIG and BUSY.  We were told if we felt it was serious we should go to the ER immediately.  I had no serious symptoms and didn't want to take up doctors' time when there are patients who really need the ER. Not to mention, every ER visit is about 8 to 10 hours in these here parts, no matter the hospital!

There was no fever, no bleeding, I could breathe ok, I could swallow.  I just couldn't utter a sound.

We chose to wait for a call back from the doctor.  My husband called again after 2 hours.  They had a nurse call us back about 40 minutes later.  He/she said this was unusual and she was putting a call into the doctor who did my procedure. We thought that had already been done!

We waited another few hours.  My husband called a 3rd time.  He was concerned, as was I.  In the meantime, my phone accidentally dialed my niece.  She called back.  She happens to be a Physician's Assistant.  

My husband told her what was going on.  She said she didn't think it was anything serious, to drink warm liquids and wait for the doctor to call.  She also gave us the warning signs to head to the ER.  


I drank my formula warm today twice.  (See My Third Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor May 9, 2017)

My husband was concerned but also cracking jokes, which is good.  It takes the edge off.  Oh, he was having a field day with this one! 
  • There really is a God he texted to his cousin.
  • He sang Silence Is Golden to me!
  • He said he was going to take the doctor to dinner.
  • He cracked jokes with my dad (the two of them are always in cahoots) and they got a good laugh over the whole thing. 
  • He asked me if I wanted to sing a duet with him.  
He had a ball all day.  Now... he's finally quiet and amusing himself like a good boy!  

The doctor finally called 5 hours from our initial call.  She said this is a very strange occurrence, but then again, everything about my case is strange.  That's the whole reason for doing the endoscopy and biopsy! 

She seems to feel this is a delayed reaction to the anesthesia.  I'm no doctor, so, I'm going by what she's saying.  She said to give it a day and if I still don't have a voice by tomorrow, to go into the office.  

I'm wondering if having Hashimoto's has anything to do with this?  This is just a wild guess on my part, I honestly have no clue.  (See Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease) I just thought of that now or I would have written that down for my husband to ask the doctor.  She knows my entire medical history, and she didn't mention that, but who knows.  

Remember, we don't know what IT is, so anything that is put into my body can be causing a reaction. The issue is involving my neck and throat after all and there is swelling.  Not as severe, but, it did mimic IT.  However, losing my voice is a first.  (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

It is now 9:18 p.m. and I still have no voice.  My throat is still a bit swollen but not as bad.  

I was able to eat chicken, green beans and a baked potato for dinner.  Of course all measured and logged into MyFitnessPal.  (See Why I Love MyFitnessPal And The Most Fun Way To Burn Calories!)

So... we shall see.  I hope I have a voice tomorrow!  

To top it off, my dad put down fertilizer in the yard.  It's horse manure.  The dog rolled in it.  So the dog now smells like horse shit!  Lovely. 

Dogs and kids are the same.  They have a huge yard to play in, but they will get into the ONE thing they shouldn't.  Now my husband has to attempt to get her into the stall shower. Fun times I tell ya!

For update: (See Great News)

The saga continues...

July is UV Safety Month!  Do you know how to protect your skin?  

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