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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...

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Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...

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Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...  This insane, crazy medical situation.  Well, I try to keep a sense of humor for one!  (See I Thought I Was Alone, I Was Wrong. I'm Lucky I Survived!)  In that post is a list of other posts where I also keep a sense of humor!

I always try to look at the pros. (See Pros And Cons)

I believe I've been lucky in many ways. (See Divine Intervention? Amazing Luck? Or Was It Jinxed Real Estate? You Decide)

I wrote a similar post on this topic.  (See How to Deal With Life's Bizarre Challenges)

I was sitting in Stony Brook hospital on the 14th floor today!  Anyone who knows me knows I'm terrified of heights, so that in itself was causing a ton of anxiety. (See What Is Gephyrophobia?)


Just dealing with Stony Brook also causes a lot of stress.  Oh... it's me, not them.  The care and service is great and they are all very kind and professional.  However, Stony Brook is like it's own CITY.  It's huge.  I don't do well with, large, confusing facilities these days.  For more on Stony Brook (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

One of my BIGGEST FEARS is being involved in a car crash and having to be airlifted to Stony Brook.  I'm terrified of heights, Stony Brook's size gives me a ton of anxiety and I have a fear of driving.  With the insane amount of car accidents daily on Long Island, it gets to me!  (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)


The nurse was attempting to start an IV.  It's ALWAYS an issue starting an IV with me. I got lucky this time, it only took two attempts.  The second nurse got it on her first try! 

I think I can make the Guinness Book of World Records for having had IV's started.  I leave the hospitals looking like a drug addict.  I swear if I ever get pulled over, I'll get arrested for shooting up. The cops will be convinced I'm a junkie!  (See The Craziness of June 24th - Part 4 of Series)

I was also filled with anxiety over having to get anesthesia.  Yes, I've had it before with no problems, however, that means nothing.  With this mystery illness, anything can trigger an attack of IT at any time.  (See 10 Reasons Why I'm Terrified To Eat!)

This is the whole purpose of the tests to begin with.  Originally it was going to be an endoscopy/colonoscopy.  Instead, they just did the endoscopy.  We are waiting for those results and if she needs to, she will do a colonoscopy. 

They are trying to avoid the prep I have to drink because it caused me issues last time when I was an inpatient. I had nurses surrounding me, everyone going nuts, shoving medications into the IV to stop the reaction. Fun times. (See The Time-Censored Light Switch)

If I need the colonoscopy, it would be best to put me into the hospital to be monitored while drinking the prep. Getting the insurance to pay is the key. It will be a fight, but I used to write appeals for my clients, so I can do it for myself. The doctor's staff also puts up a good fight! 

The procedure room they wheeled me into on the FOURTEENTH floor had large windows. GREAT. Thankfully, due to all my allergies, they shot me up with Benadryl into the IV.  So I was fruit loops.  Had I not been, those windows would have caused a real problem.  

I had NEVER been in an operating room or procedure room before that had HUGE windows.  Who needs a view under such circumstances?

This was my response to the question "how do you deal with this?"

Batman and Wonder Woman too!  In fact, there's no superhero out there I couldn't take on!!

I replied (in a watered down version):
  • I've lived through a very close family member losing a baby.  
  • I've lived through several young people very close to me being killed by drunk drivers doing innocent things such as going for ice cream, backing out of a driveway, riding a motorcycle, walking across the street.  Yes, the old saying, "you could cross the street and die" holds true.  
  • I've watched a young person try to fight a rare and aggressive form of cancer and lose the battle at age 24. 
  • I lived through a terrible marriage.
  • I lived through a divorce, court battles, court appointed evaluations, etc. 
  • I worked full-time, went back to school to earn my Bachelor's degree and raised two kids as a single mom all that at the same time. (See 15 Things I Loved About Being Young, Single And Healthy)
  • I went on 4 hours of sleep a night for YEARS and managed to function, maintain an excellent GPA, be responsible and never miss a thing for my kids. 
  • I lost people very close to me whom I loved dearly (grandparents, aunts, uncles and significant people in my life)
  • I thought my "senior years" were going to be one way, with a certain person and due to circumstances, they turned out a totally different way with my now husband!
  • I've dealt with very close family members fighting cancer.
  • I lost jobs, through no fault of my own, and still came out ok.
  • I moved many times, for various reasons, and it always benefited me and the kids.  
This is just another battle along this crazy, twisting road called life.  

This is how I see it... I have to say, my life has been more good than bad.  The pros have definitely outweighed the cons.  
  • I have an amazing, close, loving, caring family.
  • I keep in mind, I can still have fun, just different type of fun.  (See Summer Vacation - HOW TO DO Disney With Allergies/Gluten Free!)
  • I have great friends, some of whom I've known since I'm 8 years old, others since I'm 14 and many I met through different stages of my life.
  • I have wonderful, caring, smart, hard-working, fun, funny, HEALTHY kids.
  • I have an amazing husband and before him I had an amazing long-term relationship. (See 15 Steps To Take To Meet A Brilliant, Kind, Delightful Man)
  • I traveled a lot with my kids, family, friends and in relationships.
  • I learned a lot from many different people in my life, family, friends, coworkers, boyfriends, my current husband, online friends and acquaintances.  
  • I have my dogs!  (See 5 Ways Dogs Help You Feel Better)
  • I'm not dying of malnutrition - they have something to help me.  (See OMG, My Nutrition!!!!)
  • I finally found a doctor who is really, truly trying to HELP me!  (See I SEE GISTS - Many, Many GISTS)
  • Sometimes various things get frustrating but there's always a funny and bright side.  (See Why I Want To Tie My Family To Chairs)
  • Last but not least, things could be worse.  In some cases, it might be at the worst, but in my case, it's not.  
  • I did it my way, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I always made the decisions I thought were best at the time.  If they turned out not to be so good, I sought out better (be it a better life partner, better friends or better doctors).  (See Do It Your Way!)
  • I have absolutely no regrets.  I don't believe in regret, jealousy, or "keeping up with the Joneses".  
The saga continues...

July is UV Safety Month!  Do you know how to protect your skin?  

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