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Sunday, July 2, 2017


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Per the Allergist/Immunologist, I saw the Neurologist.  He ordered an MRI and a psychological memory test performed by a specialist.

I attempted to do the MRI this past Friday.  I had worked on my anxiety with my counselor.  In one session we even "played MRI".  She found the sounds on Youtube and I laid on the couch as if I was going into the MRI.  She taught me breathing exercises to help keep calm and we discussed the test in length and the anxiety it often causes.

The Counselor told me, "even if the electricity goes out and the technician runs away, you will still be able to get out of the machine!"  A sense of humor always helps. (See Willy Wonka! That's Not Me...)

I was doing ok at first.  They let my husband come right into the room with me.  They put a blindfold on me and headphones.  They started moving me up to position me.  Then... the woman placed a cage over my face and snapped it down.  That was it; we were done.  No way, no how. 

So... after the holiday weekend, I must get in touch with the Neurologist.  He has to order an MRI with sedation.  I have to go to a different location for the MRI with sedation but it's worth the travel time.

My husband had an MRI with sedation and said it's the only way they were getting him in that machine too!  My family member who suffered with breast cancer, then cancer in the femur, also does her MRI's with "help".  (See Do You Need A BRCA Test?)  She says she's in "fantasy land" and comes out happy and singing and laughing!  

Per the technicians and my counselor, many, many people are very afraid of MRI machines.


I had another appointment with the Allergist/Immunologist.  (See My Third Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor May 9, 2017)

I told her what happened June 24th, the day of the family/friends gathering.  (See But It's JUST... - Part 1 of Series)  

She decided to do another breathing test due the events of 6/24.  My number was lower this time than it was last time.  She took the best of three tries and it was still lower than at my last appointment.  It could be residual from my "attack" on 6/24/17.

She gave me a pamphlet on treatment she has in mind and for me to understand the breathing issue. I also see the Pulmonologist again soon!

She told me to continue using my emergency inhaler if need be.  We are awaiting biopsy results from the upcoming endoscopy/colonoscopy.  She is still trying to figure out my mystery illness which she believes could be what's in the pamphlet she gave me.  (See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again!)

We already got the results of the biopsy of my parotid glands.  (See Surprising Biopsy Results)


I met with my new dietitian this past week in the Endocrinologist's office!  I really liked her.


She said the nutrition I'm on, prescribed by the Allergist/Immunologist is very good. We went over all my allergies (gluten, nuts, soy, corn and eggs) and we discussed my mystery illness.

I gave her a list of all my medications and informed her I'm finally on a Vitamin D.(See 
My Third Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor May 9, 2017)  She actually had it all in my chart from the Endocrinologist, so was already prepared with information for me.

The dietitian gave me a food plan and adjusted it a bit on the pamphlet. She understands that I'm very limited in what I can eat due to allergies and IT. (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

My nutrition 
She told me I was not eating enough.  She increased my calorie intake to 1,500 per day of which 300 are consumed from my nutrition. That leaves me 1,200 calories from food. (See Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....)

Me  - left - before - with a lot of swelling and extra weight/right-  after - with proper medication, treatment and diet plan.
She explained part of the reason I was swelling and gaining was because I couldn't eat correctly.(See 10 Reasons Why I'm Terrified To Eat!)

I said to her what I've said to every other medical professional, "I don't understand why, for someone who can't eat anything, I was gaining weight like crazy."  (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

She said that not eating properly, because I couldn't, was part of the cause.  (See The Old Saying Holds True)

I am currently down FIFTY POUNDS - yes, I lost one more pound!  Hurrah.  But, it's not over yet.

I'm still having a ton of issues with proper nutrition, digestion, allergies, asthma, kidney failure, lymphedema, Hashimoto's Disease and a mystery illness which I've named IT which causes severe attacks.

My legs wrapped to help with the Lymphedema
Losing weight now that I'm properly diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and Lymphedema, is much easier.  It's also easier to maintain.  Of course, being on proper medication and proper dosage is a big help.

It appears that all my issues are being caused by the ONE MYSTERY ISSUE - IT.  It seems all interrelated.

Every flavor of doctor in existence is seen by me. 
And so, I see GISTS.  Every GIST out there.  I see them all, GIST after GIST after GIST.
  • Allergist/Immunologist 
  • Neurologist
  • Nephrologist
  • Hematologist 
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Dermatologist and...
For "fun" and good measure I throw in an ENT, Infectious Diseases Specialist, Dietitian and of course...

The Counselor.  She tries to help me with all the insane anxiety all this causes and the issues I had before all this; fear of heights, fear of driving.  (See What Is Gephyrophobia?)

I may have missed a few medical professionals, but can you blame me!  One of my issues is short-term memory problems as well, hence the Neurologist.  That could be caused by various issues taking place with me.  (See Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease)

The sage continues... Stay Tuned.


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