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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Craziness of June 24th - Part 4 of Series

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Part 4 of Series The Craziness of June 24th

I  missed the craziness of June 24th.

People had started arriving at 2:00 p.m. that afternoon. The gathering of family and friends was still going full swing at 11 p.m. when I went into my apartment. The lasts guests left at 2:30 a.m. (See Family And Friends Gathering - Part 3 of Series)

I couldn't stay any more.  It was too much for me, especially after my earlier attack. (See But It's JUST... - Part 1 of Series)

Not long after I went inside, one of the guests walked his girlfriend to her car.  They came separately because she worked during the day so she came late.  Obviously, cars were parked up and down the block and since she wasn't parked right in front of the house, he walked her.

As they were walking, he saw the light go on and off in his vehicle.  Then he saw someone exiting his vehicle.  Someone actually robbed items from it.  Now.... we live in a good neighborhood. However, where do people go to rob homes and vehicles?  The good neighborhoods.  I mean, what will they get in bad/poor neighborhoods, right.

The guest yelled at the guy and gave chase.  He chased him down the block and tackled him to the ground.  His girlfriend started screaming but no one heard her over the music and talking in the yard. So she ran back into the yard and told people what was going on.

Now.... let me tell you, that guy picked the WRONG people to mess with.  Everyone from the upstairs patio got up and ran out front.  A few people hopped in a car and the others ran down the block

When people who were on the downstairs patio found out, many of them went down the block too.

The guest had the guy in a headlock and wasn't letting him up.  As the guy was running, he had been dropping expensive items he had taken from the vehicle, which people had recovered.  Someone from our group called police.  They were a large crowd around the guy.  He wasn't going anywhere.

Twenty minutes later, still no police.  They called back a second time.  The police showed up and the crowd was still around the guy making sure he didn't go anywhere.  He didn't, he couldn't.

Reminds me of a story I once heard:

A man calls police.  He says someone is in his shed.  They tell him they don't have anyone in the vicinity at that time. 

The man calls back a bit later.  He says "I just shot the man in my shed." 

Police cars come screeching up almost immediately.  The cops find the guy unharmed and arrest him.

The cop says to the homeowner, "I thought you said you shot him?"

The homeowner replies, "I thought you had no one in the vicinity!"  

You don't mess with a house full of Italian/Americans. If you mess with one, you mess with ALL. Lets just say, that guy made REALLY BAD CHOICES - the first bad choice was to steal, the second was to steal from this family!  It wasn't a good night for him.

The homes in the area in the past 44 years we have lived here have sometimes been broken into. Especially in the early 70's and 80's when it was more desolate around here and people didn't have alarm systems.  It was ALWAYS kids (teens).

Our house was never hit, we always had a house full of several large dogs!  I'm talking Shepherd mixes, St. Bernards and the like.  And we had more than one dog at a time, usually three at least.

Now our homes have alarm systems, cameras, even if someone rings the doorbell, they can be seen and heard right on our cell phones even if we aren't home!  Everything is recorded, voice and motion.

This guy, a young guy who we think was high on something, definitely was not having a good night. I guess he was cruising the neighborhood and thought he struck gold with all the vehicles.  BIG MISTAKE, BIG, HUGE as they say in Pretty Woman.

Reminds me of a funny story from years ago.

It was 4th of July weekend.  My mom had over 100 people here for a party.  It was in the high 90's at 9 a.m. in the morning.  By the time the company arrived in the afternoon, it felt like over 100 degrees per the weatherman's report that day. 

EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE was in the pool being it was so hot.  

All our kids were very little at the time.  They heard the ice cream truck's bells in the neighborhood.  They all wanted ice cream.  My cousin, single and childless back then, told all the kids he'd buy them ice cream.  

He went out front with about 25 little kids to wait for the truck.  Well, adults of all ages decided it sounded good too, so we all went out front. 


The truck pulled up, we all formed a line, and... we bought out the truck!  The guy said, "holy cow, I hit the jackpot at this house."  He had just started his route.  He was all happy, he completely sold out and was done for the night!  It was early evening, around 6 p.m. 

Want to make money, come to a house with at least 100 Italian/Americans on a hot day!

As for the guy who was rummaging through vehicles...  We found out he has a drug problem (heroin specifically is RAMPANT here on Long Island) as it is in some other areas as well.  He kept apologizing while cuffed.  We are not sure if he was sorry for his actions or just sorry he got caught.

Either way, it's just so sad.  There is no neighborhood, good, bad, city, country, all over the United States, that is not having a heroin problem.  Some places are being hit harder than others.  All of Long Island is having a huge issue right now and the schools and police are trying to combat it.

Well... even if I didn't go inside that early, I wouldn't have been part of the "excitement".  I wouldn't have gone down the block, I'm just not up to that, especially after my attack.  Years ago... I'd have been one of the first on the scene!

These darn medical issues even stop me from helping to bring justice like I would have years ago!

Part 1 of Series But It's JUST... 
Part 2 of Series Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers
Part 3 of Series Family And Friends Gathering
Part 4 of Series The Craziness of June 24th


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