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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers - Part 2 of Series

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Part 2 of Series Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers
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This past weekend we had about 65 - 70 people for a summer family/friends gathering, probably more like 75 - 80 with those who showed up that I didn't know about!

Stuffed Cabbage - Stuffed Peppers
I used to LOVE to cook in general (real cooking, not how I have to "cook" for myself these days) but I was ecstatic when I would cook for a crowd.  I was in my glory, I'd cook and bake for days on end. 

I made the Christening cake for my sister's daughter for a huge party and my dad's 50th birthday cake for another huge party!  Those were baked back in the day when I was able to live like a normal person. 

Funny Story:  For my niece's Christening in 1991, I made a HUGE cake.  It was enough to serve over 100 people.  My friend stopped by and she started helping me frost it and decorate it. We worked on that cake for literally HOURS!  

It was late at night in November on Long Island.  We were renting out the club house where I lived for the party. We had the keys from the night before the party.  

My dad came by around 10 p.m., dropped off some items at the club house and stopped at my place to pick up the cake.  It was very heavy as it was filled with many different fruits.  We were putting it in the big refrigerator in the club house as it had to stay cold.  

The maintenance where I lived did clear walkways and put down chemicals for the ice. However, that only does so much.  A patch of ice had formed on the walkway!  Dad was carrying the huge cake and he slipped on the ice.  

My friend and I both screamed at the same time.  What did we both scream?  Not, "omg, dad, don't fall."  She calls him dad too.   Not even, "be careful."  Nope.  We both screamed, "THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!"  

Thankfully, dad did not fall or drop the cake.  We still laugh about that today.  Dad says, "they didn't care about me splitting my head open, just don't ruin the cake!"  He finds it hysterical!

I got to help mom "cook" two dishes for the gathering.  In reality, I didn't do much cooking.  I was able to cut and clean peppers and help mom pull apart cabbage.  

I then helped her stuff the peppers and roll the cabbage with the same stuffing of seasoned ground beef and rice.  We made two huge trays of each and then mom cooked it (when I was not there) and froze it.  

Cooking Ahead of Time/"Leftovers" -  Foods That Taste Better The Next Day

She cooks a lot of dishes ahead of time and freezes them.  She thaws them the day before the party and heats them the day of.  Many dishes taste better made ahead of time!  

The stuffed cabbage being served the day of.
Everyone raved over the food, as usual!  There's a lot of leftovers as well.  Mom's motto "cook too much, if there's not too much, there's not enough."  It works well.  If you are cooking, you might as well make a lot knowing there will be leftovers.  You don't have to cook during the week!

Also, at our house one never knows exactly who will walk through the door.  Hell, friends of friends showed up Saturday.  Yes... there were people there we didn't personally know, however, our house was always like that!  So there's always enough food for double the people! 

My Facebook invite said something like 14 people were coming.  HA!  We wound up with at least 70, more like 75 or 80 I'm guessing.  Most people responded via text message or phone call and many were invites from family members  that I had no idea were coming!  I kept the list of responses in order to help out mom! 

Part 1 of Series But It's JUST... 
Part 2 of Series Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers
Part 3 of Series Family And Friends Gathering
Part 4 of Series The Craziness of June 24th


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