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Saturday, June 10, 2017


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Finally!  We were able to celebrate our 6th anniversary! (See I Can't Believe It's Been Six Years!!!!!)


Between our doctors appointments, Dad's van in the shop and the bad weather here on Long Island, it was the first chance we got!  (See Does Weather Affect You?)

We headed out East to Physical Therapy for hubby.  It's a new therapy his doctor ordered.  Aqua therapy.  I asked about it for myself, but they said it would not be beneficial to my Lymphedema! Booooooo!  I tried.


After his aqua therapy, we continued out East. (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)  We just happened to come across a little place called Senor Taco!  Hubby had said, let's look for Mexican for lunch, and we got lucky!

Now for the difficult part.  Could I go in and LIVE? (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?)  Luckily, the kitchen was in the back, doors were open back there (I saw that when we arrived because we had to park in the back).  We sat in the furthest corner away from the kitchen!

My food that I brought with me.  
Of course, I couldn't eat anything in the restaurant.  I had my own food with me, as usual.
Hubby said his food was absolutely delicious!  
There was no way hubby could eat all he was served.  He took some home and had it for dinner!

The restaurant was small but roomy.  The service was great.  It reminded me of an authentic restaurant in Mexico, my favorite vacation destination!  (See How Would You Escape Reality If Money and Time Were No Object?)

Beautiful State Park on Long Island.
After the restaurant, we attempted to go to a local State Park.  When we arrived, they wanted to charge us to enter.  We knew we couldn't stay long, maybe an hour at most.  It didn't make sense to pay a fee for such a short time.

We decided to head home.  We were already out a few hours.  Staying out long periods of time is very difficult for both of us!

A picture taken of the beautiful farms along our route out East on Long Island. 
We enjoyed the time we spent together! I look forward to many more anniversaries!


I hope my dream for our 10th Anniversary can somehow come true.  (See A Delightful, Adventurous, Luxurious 10 Year Anniversary)

You can have fun, sometimes you can even travel, even with medical issues.  (See Summer Vacation - HOW TO DO Disney With Allergies/Gluten Free!)

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