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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

But It's JUST... - Part 1 of Series

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Part 1 of Series But It's JUST... 
Part 2 of Series Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers
Part 3 of Series Family And Friends Gathering
Part 4 of Series The Craziness of June 24th

I'll start with the bad news first.

Deadly mashed potatoes
For about three weeks, I helped mom however I could to get ready for the gathering June 24th.  I washed and dried things in the kitchen.  I picked up some items at the store when I was there.  I even got to help her "cook" two things!  (See Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers Part 2 of Series)

mom's salad - picture taken after being put out for a while
 The night before the party I chopped up a ton of lettuce for the salad!  Mom is famous for her salad.  I didn't get a picture when it was first put out.  There was a huge bowl of salad.

I did a lot (a lot for me, as much as I could do) to help mom.  I was looking very forward to the party.
The day of the party, I was in mom's house helping. Mom put the mashed potatoes into the oven. That was when it all started!

I had no idea there was anything in the potatoes other than milk, butter and salt.  Mom said "it's JUST potatoes"  To everyone else it's JUST...  Well, it wasn't JUST potatoes.  There were other seasonings and ingredients mixed in the potatoes.

As I was sitting in the kitchen, I started to feel a heaviness in my chest and my throat felt funny.  I left the house.  I couldn't set foot back in her house all day and night long.

my apartment - front and back
I live in an apartment attached to her house (it was built in 1982 for my maternal grandparents, both now deceased).  There's a separate entrance on the side and I can come in through the garage.  I had cleaned out my entire refrigerator to make room for some trays of food.  Covered food that is defrosting won't bother me.

People kept asking if they could heat up foods in my oven.  Over and over again, but it's JUST this or JUST that.  It is NOT JUST.... it's a whole lot more.

Remember, we don't know what IT is or what the cause is. (See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again!)  JUST sausage and peppers.  JUST ham with seasonings.  JUST blah, blah, blah.


Not only is it horrible to deal with what happens to me, but it's made worse due to the frustration of everyone not grasping the whole concept and the anxiety the attack causes in general. (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?)

The whole Attack Lasted About Three Hours.
  • My throat swells.  It also hurts.  It feels like the absolute WORST case of strep throat. Yes. swollen and painful.  
  • It's hard to breathe.  My chest hurts. 
  • My stomach is in terrible pain.  It literally feels like it's about to explode.
  • It's difficult to move at all, my entire body feels weak and movement makes it even harder to breathe.

This was different from the bad IT attack.  I think this was an allergy attack.  I'm allergic to gluten, nuts, soy, corn and eggs and God only knows what else. (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)
  • I sat out back for a while. 
  • I wound up having to pop a Benadryl.
  • After the Benadryl I felt all of the above and also felt extremely tired. 
  • I had to go into my apartment for at least a half hour and rest and sit in the air conditioning.
People had started to arrive all at once.  Each person came up to me to say hello and asked what was wrong.  I didn't go into a big story, it was difficult to talk.  I simply said, "I'm having an attack." 

I honestly thought I was going to wind up in the ER again!  I really didn't want to spend my entire day in an ER nor did I want to upset the people who had to leave the party to take me or all the guests.  Luckily, we didn't wind up having to go.  (See In The ER Again - This One Is A Doozy!)

Once the attack calmed down, I was able to have some fun.  Talking was easier as was breathing.  My throat hurt less and eventually (about 6 hours later) didn't hurt at all.

Of course I couldn't eat ANY of the delicious food.  I didn't eat until about 8 p.m.  I couldn't.  My stomach was killing me until about that time.  

I went into my apartment and made myself some organic chicken with organic brown rice pasta. While it was cooking, I fed the dogs and watched from my side window two of the young girls who were here with their parents put on a gymnastics performance.  The side of the house is more flat ground and my kitchen window faces the side.  It was easier to do their thing there than in the back which is hilly. 

Here's some tips.  I've said this in other blog posts. (See That Doesn't LOOK Gluten Free)
  • People with allergies cannot have "just a little bit".  They can't have ANY, not even a spec.  
  • Someone said to me "a HOSPITAL, FROM JUST THAT SMALL AMOUNT OF..."  
  • Yes... that small amount can send you to the hospital.  It can even KILL.  
To help understand allergies better:  (See Food Allergy Awareness Week - YOU CAN HELP!!)

Part 1 of Series But It's JUST... 
Part 2 of Series Mom's Delicious Stuffed Cabbage And Stuffed Peppers
Part 3 of Series Family And Friends Gathering
Part 4 of Series The Craziness of June 24th

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