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Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Delightful, Adventurous, Luxurious 10 Year Anniversary

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We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!  (See I Can't Believe It's Been Six Years!!!!!)  We didn't take a long honeymoon and we didn't go far (see why in the post above, click link).

Allure of the Seas - Royal Caribbean ship my daughter, niece, their boyfriends and friends were on last week.
So.... I'm hoping for a delightful, adventurous, luxurious 10 year anniversary trip!  What would I like to do?  I'd like to take a Royal Caribbean cruise with my children and their significant others (possible spouse(s) by then) and any grandchildren that may arrive within the next 4 years (hoping, hoping!!!!)

I've informed them I would love to take a family cruise. They all agreed. My dream is to renew our vows either on the ship or at one of the beautiful destinations!

Hubby and I may not be able to zip line, but we can sit and enjoy a short show. Picture taken on my daughter's cruise.
Now... my adventure ideas and the reality of what hubby and I can do are two different things, however, I can have my own "adventure" and watch the others enjoy the adventure we can't partake in. (See Oops, I Did It Again....)

Of course, I'm not even sure I can take a cruise!  If the doctors don't figure out what IT is and how to either fix it or improve it, I won't be able to go anywhere.  (See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again! and IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)


I've been on about 8 cruises. I've even been on Royal Caribbean before, but it was many years ago, back in the '80s, before the new ships of today!

I used to travel a lot back in the day.  I miss it very much.  (See 15 Things I Loved About Being Young, Single And Healthy)

Neither hubby nor I can do a lot of walking, however, we can book a handicapped room and we can rent scooters specifically for the ship.  (See 10 Signs It's Not A "Real" Disability!!!!! TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH!)

I had to use a scooter part of the time I was at Disney about 10 years ago.  My leg didn't hold out. Back then, I was able to walk in the parks for two days, by the third day, either I used a scooter or stayed behind at the resort. (See Wanted - Short, Dark-haired, chunky woman... You Won't Believe Witness Descriptions!)

picture taken on my daughter's cruise
My dream is to be somewhere  warm, sunny and near water for our 10 year anniversary.  Let's see if there's any way possible to make it happen.  (See Does Weather Affect You?)

picture taken on my daughter's cruise
I long for a delightful time filled with adventure, luxury and fun with family, the people I love most in the world! (See Family, Friends, Food And Fun!)


Sometimes, it's good to dream and escape reality.  (See How Would You Escape Reality If Money and Time Were No Object?)  Can this dream come to fruition?  Only time will tell...

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  1. I've been on several Royal Caribbean cruises. Fabulous!

    1. Yes, my daughter, son and niece have all been on several Royal Caribbean cruises and they loved them all! I was on one, but it was back in the early 1980's, before the ships of today.