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Monday, May 8, 2017

Willy Wonka! That's Not Me...

I'm a down to Earth, tell it like it is, say what I mean, get to the point kinda gal. I call a spade a spade. I prefer people to be the same with me.

Click Video - George Carlin said it all
  • I don't like the whole politically correct thing.  It's pointless if you ask me. 
Click Video - Steve Hughes on Being Offended
  • Everyone gets offended these days. Steve Hughes says it best above, in a very funny way! 
  • The day I was told that saying sitting Indian Style was now "bad" was the last straw.  With all the horrors in the world, THAT is what people are worried about? 
  • When did being Indian become embarrassing and when did a way of sitting become racist??????????
  • I say it like it is.  About myself too.  
Me fatter and fat
  • I'm fat.  I'm less fat than I was, but I'm fat.  I consider myself a better person fat than many are thin! (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)
  • I believe we have differences for a reason and if we were all supposed to be the same, we would all be one sex and look and think alike.  How boring would that be?
  • I want my doctors to be to the point and honest with me. 
  • I've changed doctors if a doctor wasn't like that.
  • You cannot sugarcoat sick or dead.  In the end, you will be just as sick or dead. 
  • Don't give false hope, don't try to "protect" people, just tell the truth.  
  • I don't believe in tiptoeing.  If you don't want to be called an ass, don't act like an ass.  
  • I grew up in a house that was like the United Nations, and I raised my kids that way too.  
  • I don't care about the color of your skin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc.  
  • If I don't like you, it's because of who you are on the inside! 
  • I rarely don't like people.
Hubby being silly last night.
  • I think if you keep a sense of humor, every situation can be made easier.
  • Marry someone who makes you laugh. 
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Click Video - Hysterical
  • I wish kids and parents would be like it was in my generation and generations before mine. 
  • No not the bad stuff, the GOOD stuff when kids were free to play outdoors in the neighborhood all day, parents actually disciplined, kids had respect for authority and their elders, teachers and police could actually do their jobs and people were able to laugh at jokes rather than boo and be a stick in the mud making everything some sort of political hurricane.

  • There's a difference between being crude and being straightforward. 
  • Sadly, today, people are so used to being pussyfooted around, fooled with vocabulary, sugarcoated, and coddled, they can't handle real life.
  • Speaking the truth, giving constructive criticism or an opinion does not make one a racist, a hater or judgmental
  • No one can hear anything they consider remotely negative these days. If  smoke isn't being blown up their butt, filled with only praise and compliments, they can't function. 
  • Of course I want my doctors to know their stuff. 
  • However, the doctors who helped me the most when I was either in the hospital or seeing them in office, were the ones who also had a great sense of humor and who were straightforward. 
  • After my hysterectomy, I wound up in the ER with complications.  One of the doctor's from the practice came to see me after all the testing was done and I was stabilized.
  • He asked which doctor performed the hysterectomy.  My response, "I have no clue, could have been Santa Clause, I was out cold before the doctor came in."  The nurse, my mom, and the doctor all cracked up! 
  • Then I gave him the doctor's name, but we laughed through the whole visit.  It made things much less stressful.  
  • While I love a sense of humor, I also appreciated the ER doctor being open and honest when I arrived.
  • He was direct and to the point.  He said straight out, this could be very serious, it could just require observation or you may be released.
  • You could wind up back in the Operating Room, being admitted into the hospital, or you could go home! 
  • We won't know until we get the results of ALL testing and he named what tests they would do.
  • After reviewing results, they would call in the doctor on call from the practice and a decision would be made! 
  • Luckily, I went home, requiring a visiting nurse for several weeks!
  • I overheard a doctor speaking with the patient next to me.  I think I would have strangled him with his stethoscope.
  • Every question asked was met with a non answer.  
  • The woman was crying for hours. She had no clue what the plan was, what she might be facing.  
  • From what I understand, that was the doctor's MO.  I knew people who worked with him and disagreed with his tactics. 

Say it like it is, that's my motto.  Tell me like it is, I'll appreciate it.  If I want candy, I'll contact Willy. I like reality, not imagination!   
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