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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why I Love MyFitnessPal And The Most Fun Way To Burn Calories!

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I've been using MyFitnessPal for many years.  Yesterday, my sister told me that per the nutritionist she sees, MyFitnessPal allows too many calories.  I will get the opinion of my nutritionist too.

In any case, I find the app very helpful.  I use the app on my phone and have used the website on my laptop also.

A scale I bought about 15 years ago.
I weigh all my food. I've done it for years.  I purchased the scale above about 15 years ago.  I can't remember where.  I do know it wasn't very expensive.

I like it because it's light, easy to clean by hand and dishwasher safe and fits perfectly in a pocketbook.  I used to take it with me wherever I went when I was NORMAL and ate in restaurants or at people's homes. (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?)

Tonight I had 6 oz of organic chicken thighs, 4 oz of organic sweet potatoes and 1 oz of organic mozzarella cheese. (See My Third Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor May 9, 2017)

I am missing vegetables desperately but as long as IT is happening, I can't eat them. (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

My two favorite vegetables are what most people hate!  I love spinach and Brussels sprouts. (See Organic Brussels Sprouts & NYC Restaurant Known For It's Brussels Sprouts!)

If you want to watch what you eat, track water intake, track exercise and keep aware of how many carbs, sugar, fat and more you are taking in, MyFitnessPal is for you!

The app and website are user friendly.  There's probably a lot more you can do with it than I am mentioning, but the way I use it satisfies me. The only thing I don't like is it adds allowed calories when you add your exercise for the day.  I never take the extra calories, I stick with original allowance.

Me a few years ago when I could still eat out.  
Many people are surprised at what a normal portion looks like.  For a while, the United States was on a bigger is better kick and everything was supersized.  Restaurants and diners gave plates of food enough for three meals.  Unfortunately, some people ate it as one meal. They seem to be downsizing portions lately.

CLICK VIDEO - my narrative

The meal in the picture above was made at BLD's, my favorite place to eat when I could eat out. They specifically made it gluten free/nut free for me.

I would get 2 to 3 meals out of what they served.  I'd bring home what I wasn't going to eat and use it in different dishes the next day.  (See Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 2)

Learning portion size not only keeps you at a healthy weight, but it also saves you money.  Food lasts longer when you eat less.  When you eat less, you spend less.  When you spend less, you have more money to do fun things!

the bike and trampoline I bought several years back - before my asthma got bad
I'm losing weight steadily now.  Previously, I'd lose but then gain again.  It was a struggle.

I was weighing all my food, I was going to the gym, I bought a bike and trampoline for at home, I would walk the dog daily (I only had one then),

I followed everything the nutritionist said.  I even joined Weight Watchers and went to local meetings and took advantage of online! (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

I was following the diabetic diet.  "White's not right!"  I was controlling my sugar well.  Doctor's were happy with my maintaining weight, happy with my diet, happier when I'd lose, but perplexed over why I was gaining back.

When all my issues started with that darn cookie, (See Welcome - Make Yourself At Home - Some History On Me) I started seeing several specialists.

Although I had blood tests which tested many things, including my thyroid, no one ever specifically tested for Hashimoto's Disease. (See Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease)  Finally, I was properly diagnosed and knew the cause of my issues with weight!

I am in the care of a great Endocrinologist and things are looking up.  I take Syntrhoid daily and she is happy with my thyroid and sugar levels!


I am down about 55 pounds now and keeping it off!  I exercise, my way, these days. I sound like Frank Sinatra!

Left - me getting ready to leave for dance class
right sidebar - top - me in my costume for recital as a kid, middle - me in costume for recital as a teen, bottom - me joking around tap dancing in a store.
For someone who used to dance for literally HOURS, my way, (my exercise now) seems absurd, but as my doctor says, movement is movement.  It's sure not like my dance classes, the discos or Jazzercise classes back in the day, but, it is movement and all movement is beneficial!

Some Tips:
  • Don't make excuses, stay positive.
  • You can go to exercise classes with small children.  I went to Jazzercise with a good friend and we took our preschoolers.  The kids had a ball in the childcare area while we had fun in Jazzercise. 
  • Many gyms also have childcare. I used to bring my daughter to the gym too!  When she got old enough, she worked out with me (once the gym allowed it)
pool in our yard
  • Put on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching! My current favorite, Cheap Thrills.
  • You can eat out, just make good choices.  
  • Weigh your food everywhere.  If people laugh, screw em, that's my motto.  I never cared what anyone else thought and I never will.  
  • Remember, you won't be eating the equivalent of three servings like the laughing hyenas.
  • Keep in mind, you are getting more for your money.  
  • The food you buy for home lasts longer when you eat proper portions.
  • With what you bring home from a restaurant, you can use in other meals or just eat it for lunch or dinner or maybe lunch AND dinner.
  • As the old saying goes, "Reach for your mate, not your plate."  After all, it is the most fun way to burn calories! How many calories DO you burn during sex?  
  • Don't forget to add those calorie burning sessions into your MyFitnessPal!  I'd suggest the sex-burning calories be indicated as miscellaneous activities just in case you show a friend how to use the app!!!!!!!!!!
  • Be happy.  Look at the pros, not the cons!  (See Pros And Cons)

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT - YOU CAN WATCH LIVE.  (See It''s A Three Ring Circus And You Can Watch LIVE!)

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