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Sunday, May 7, 2017

What We Did In The Waiting Room Would Shock Anyone Under 30 UPDATED

I was in the doctor's office waiting room the other day (what else is new).  Sometimes I have two or three appointments in one day! (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

I did something anyone under 30 would be shocked at!

Are you ready.  Brace yourself.  I... OMG, I'm even embarrassed to say this.  My kids and nieces and nephews would be appalled.

"She acts like the old days!" they would say. (See It''s A Three Ring Circus And You Can Watch LIVE!)

When I first arrived, I checked in and sat down.  There were several youngins (Millennials) already waiting.
  • I admired the different ways they all parted their hair.  It was all I could see of them.

  • I had no clue what color eyes any of them had.  
  • If I had to be a witness, I could never describe anyone accurately.
  • If they had to be a witness - FORGET IT!  They had no CLUE what was going on around them!

Finally, someone like ME walked in.  I wasn't alone anymore.  The woman checked in and sat down.  

Then... about two minutes later, it happened.  She turned toward me.  I braced myself.

She had some nerve, I tell you.  She actually SPOKE to me!  I didn't run screaming from the office either!  I, OMG, answered her!  Shhhhh, don't tell my kids. 

More of US entered, checked in and sat down 

It all started so simply.  That first woman said to me, "it's gorgeous out today, I would rather be in my garden."  

I should be mortified, but, we actually chatted a good 10 minutes and others like US joined in.  

As shameful as it was, US bunch of 40, 50, 60'somethings were CONVERSING. We even dared to laugh a few times.  We LEARNED THINGS from one another too!  In such a short time, no less. 

The youngins were oblivious to it all.  They were busy.  They didn't hear us, they didn't know who was in that waiting room with them.  They were engrossed with their best buddies... their PHONES.  

One even took a selfie!  IN THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE!  I supposed waiting in the doctor's office is big news these days and must be shared with all.  I'm sure the picture will be saved for posterity.

I looked around at my contemporaries and suggested a group photo!  Everyone cracked up.  Sadly, they didn't take me up on it.  And now... I have no photo evidence at all.  

These days, without photo evidence, according to anyone under 30, it didn't happen.  But, this 50'something knows it did happen and I will cherish the memory forever! To the bewilderment of the youngins, I will probably do it again too! God knows, I have enough doctor appointments coming up.

Don't tell anyone, but I've done it before.  It's how I found an excellent doctor for a friend's issue.  A 70-something-year-old woman in the Allergist's office swore by him!  

The woman WROTE, yes, with those ancient things called pens, and this white thing called paper, she wrote down his name and number.  I will admit, I saved the paper in my wallet but did text the info. to my friend.  But... I was ALONE when I did it! 

I do wonder, which age group were the ones being more social? (See Willy Wonka! That's Not Me...)


UPDATE:  On a serious note, please, LOOK UP.  It could mean life or death! 


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  1. LOL. This is a very entertaining post (and so true!). I teach high school, and I swear that if I take a phone from some of their hands, I'll be severing some sort of major artery. Pretty soon they'll grow into their palms. I saw something awhile ago and it was for people who have that problem. You have to stack all the phones on the end of the table at a restaurant when you're out with friends. The first one to go after their phones before the end of the meal has to pay for everyone. Sounds like a great idea to me!

    1. Thank you. LOL I give you credit, you deal with THOSE PEOPLE. I survived two of them, I don't think I could deal with a classroom full! he he. Yes... these days, a phone is another appendage. I LOVE the idea of the phones being stacked and first one to grab their phone pays. I'm using that at home only first one to grab cleans alone! :)