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Friday, May 19, 2017

Oops, I Did It Again.... PART 2


It was gorgeous out yesterday.  I was already in a great mood (See Does Weather Affect You?) Then, the ENT called.  He said he spoke with the Allergist/Immunologist. What he said made me even HAPPIER!

He told me I won't have to go to Mt. Sinai or Long Island Jewish.  They found a doctor closer to home who can do the specific biopsy test the Allergist/Immunologist wants and it's at an academic facility.

He is sending over a prescription (not a referral, a prescription) to the doctor who will perform the test. My insurance plan doesn't require referrals.

He said he already spoke to the doctor.  I am awaiting my appointment now with a doctor who is in the Interventional Department of a nearby hospital.

I wouldn't have minded going to Mt. Sinai as my family used them previously and they were excellent.  I am happy I can get it done closer to home though.

The saga continues.  Stay tuned...

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