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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

OMG, My Nutrition!!!!

My favorite foods were seafood and vegetables.  I'd LOVE to dig into the meal above!  But... alas, these days, I cannot.  (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

Me as a child.
From when I was a small child, I would order seafood by myself when I ate out with the family. Waiters would look at my parents as if to say, is it ok, and they would nod and say, give it to her! Hey, I wasn't stupid, no kids' meals for me, I wanted the good stuff!
top l - r breaded shrimp, breaded filet, cod salad
middle - l - r lobster, linguine with white clam sauce, baked clams
bottom - l - r  shrimp cocktail, octopus salad, shrimp scampi
Christmas Eve was my favorite night of the year as far as holiday meals went.  In an Italian-American household, it's the feast of the seven fishes.  I was in heaven!  The above picture is just a few of the many seafood dishes served. (See Family, Friends, Food And Fun!)

Click Video - my nutrition

As of right now, my nutrition consists of powder from a can mixed with bottled water.  YUM!!!!

The taste isn't too bad.  I mean, it certainly isn't a chocolate milkshake, which BTW, I don't like,  But I know many do think milkshakes are delicious.  I do like chocolate ice cream, and it's not that either.  But it is bearable.

I drink it from a Budweiser glass.  It's mind over matter. Ha ha.  Not that I like beer. The glasses were given to me when my dad owned his bar.  I love the shape, so I use them.

I get through it, playing mind games and keeping positive.  Since I can't eat normally, I was not feeling well.  So the positive to this is I feel much better.  You have to count your blessings.  Either drink powdered nutrition or get really sick, possibly die.

Yes, I say it in my best New York Accent.  After all, I was born and raised on Lawng Island! (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)
All that said, OMG, my nutrition!  (See Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....)  I drink 4 oz. twice a day.  About 20 minutes after drinking, I am STARVING.  This happens after every serving.   Something in it makes you hungry.

Now I understand why babies scream and never seem satisfied.  I did not believe in the liquid only diet for my kids. I fed them.  And boy am I glad I did.

So many times through the years I've seen a screaming baby and the mother would be saying, "but I just fed blank ounces, they shouldn't be hungry."  Ummmmm, yes, they are and probably what you fed them made them that way!

Trust me, after this experience, they don't want the pacifier, they don't need to be changed, they feel fine, they don't have gas, they are freaken STARVING.  I swear, it feels like I haven't eaten in 12 hours, that's how hungry I get.

The Tinkyada, organic, gluten-free, brown rice lasagna noodles cut into pieces I ate at the Sweet 16 is what I still eat.
I know, babies have smaller bellies and all that... I get it.  However, my point isn't how much one is drinking, my point is, this stuff MAKES YOU HUNGRY, period the end.  I drank it down (for the nutritional value) right after eating a big sweet potato or pasta dish (which is all I can eat now).  I should NOT  have been hungry, never mind STARVING.

To all new mommies and daddies out there, if your baby is only formula fed and is screaming, don't let the doctors tell you to only feed them a certain amount of ounces or not to feed them solids. From my experience drinking this stuff, they are hungry.

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