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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Third Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor May 9, 2017

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Not only did IT (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????) start up again, but recently I was suffering with severe headaches and swelling on the left side of my face! (See How Would You Escape Reality If Money and Time Were No Object?)  Fun, fun, fun I tell ya!

I called the Allergist/Immunologist and she said the pollen count was very high right.  She also said, if it continues, I should go see her again.

Regardless of the high pollen count, the swelling and headaches were just too much.  I called the doctor's office and made an appointment after allowing a week to go by.  Because I was put onto the above nutrition, I was advised to stop it.  It was the only thing that was different. (See Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....)


I suffered with swelling previously, but not the horrendous headaches.  I stopped the nutrition for four days until my appointment.  The swelling went down a little.  The headaches did stop.

The problem, though, was I felt like CRAP.  I wasn't getting the correct nutrition and when you are not taking in protein, not getting vitamins and minerals from vegetables, not eating correctly because you can't, you feel it.  Not to mention, my sugar was going crazy, ups and downs.

That's what was happening once IT started up again.  I was suffering with severe mood swings, hunger, and feeling tired and very anxious.

When I saw the doctor on May 9, 2017, I brought my nutrition with me.  According to what the doctor had said, no one is ever allergic to this which is why they prescribed it.  However, there's a first time for everything, right.

I drank the nutrition right there in the doctor's office.  I started to swell on the left side of my face. The doctor examined me and felt it was not an allergic reaction.  While I do have allergies, as I've said before, no one could be allergic to EVERYTHING.  Something else was going on.  But WHAT???

Being off the nutrition for four days, plus my lack of Vitamin D, I was feeling so bad, I could barely stand.  (See Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease) Thankfully, the doctor was able to prescribe a Vitamin D I could take.  No other doctor was able to.  I will take a blood test after three months to monitor my levels.

Malnourished children
The doctor explained I was suffering from malnutrition. Sadly, in their ignorance, a few people giggled when I said that.  They have the stereotypical vision of starving Ethiopian children in their heads and looking at me, they think it's not possible.

Apparently, my doctor, who has years of experience, is wrong and these people who Googled are right!!!!!!!!!
  • Everyone thinks malnutrition means someone who looks starved to death.  
  • That too is malnutrition, of course.  
  • However, malnutrition can happen to anyone regardless of what it looks like on the outside (See That Doesn't LOOK Gluten Free)
  • The doctor explained, if you are not getting proper nutrition, your body could be malnourished.
  • I was told by a medical professional that this is a good site for real information.  

The doctor decided I should see a Neurologist.
  • Another GIST to add to my LOOOOOOONG list of doctors.  
  • My appointment is for sometime in June!  
  • She gave me a note to give to the Neurologist stating what she wants him to look for.  
  • It all ties in with what she THINKS I may have.  
  • It causes swelling in all the organs including the brain. 

I see a new ENT today who came highly recommended. It's my initial visit and then he will set up the appointment for the biopsy.  I saw the new Gastroenterologist and she scheduled me for a colonoscopy and endoscopy and will do the biopsies then.(See The Time-Censored Light Switch)

The doctor told me to start back on the Nutrition, which I have.  She also told me to try chicken.  I bought organic chicken and cooked it in my NuWave Oven with potatoes. That was my meal for Mother's Day. (See My Sister's Ingenious Solution!)  I did ok with that.

Swelling has gone down, headaches stopped for now.  No one knows what causes ANY of these symptoms and why they seem to go away a bit and then come back.  I'm a mystery.

The doctor did tell me to take one of my medications twice a day.  While it's certainly not a cure, it helps with "reactions".

The saga continues.  Stay tuned...

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