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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Magnificent Moms

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Moms of all species are the same.  They love their children and want the best for them.  Moms around the world are all magnificent in their own unique way!
My own mom,

What an amazing job you did, not only with your own biological children, but with adopted.  Almost all the friends of all 4 of us came to my mom at one time or another for advice or just to talk.  She was the neighborhood mom and is now the neighborhood Grandma!
l - r top  cake for birthday, pasta
l - r bottom mom's famous salad, peppers and onions 
And... she is an amazing cook!  You will never go hungry.

l -r - top  me in my prom gown, gowns she made for all 3 of us for a wedding, a jumpsuit mom made me
l - r - middle me in a Christmas dress, baby's Christening gown, daughter and niece flower girl dresses
l - r - bottom my cousin's wedding gown, New Year's Eve, my first wedding gown.

She's also a talented seamstress.  She's made wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, prom gowns, flower girl gowns, Christening outfits and used to make all our clothes when we were little!

She's been by our sides nonstop when we were ill and when we were healthy.  She never left our sides in our times of need.  She was there for all the happy and all the sad.  She taught us all everything we know!

My mom is a magnificent mom and I'm so happy to be my age and still have her in my life.  Not everyone is as lucky!

My Children,

You were a pleasure.  While you were never perfect (who would want that), you were great kids.  I was proud of you at all stages.  You were great people - honest, strong, responsible, reliable, caring, loving, fun, funny and hard-working and you still are.

You were never in any trouble, you stood up for others, you knew how to say no to the crowd and you stood on your own two feet.

I'm proud my daughter graduated college with honors and my son graduated college with top grades and even made the paper!  Congratulations to my son on getting into a very difficult Master's Program.

You are both so talented in your professions and in anything you put your head to.

I'm so proud of both of you and love you with every inch of my being!

I wanted to be a magnificent mom for both of you!  I did the best I could and I think, from looking at you two, I done did darn good!!!!!!

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