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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Is Society Raising A Bunch Of Pansies?

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Student protest
I read this blog post by a college student recently.  It got me thinking about the youngins these days. (See What We Did In The Waiting Room Would Shock Anyone Under 30 UPDATED)

I left a comment on her post.  Below is what I wrote:

Here is here response:

My response, still awaiting moderation:

For my feelings on society today, check out this recent post (See Willy Wonka! That's Not Me...)

How are these youngins going to go out in the real world and function?  Is most of society raising pansies?

What if  they suddenly need to face the medical challenges I'm facing?  Will they fall apart, scream it's unfair, commit suicide?  (See Oops, I Did It Again....)

We live in a world where if anyone hears anything they consider the least bit negative, they label the speaker a "hater", "negative", "a bully", "mean", "racist" and other nonsense. We are told we can only say "positive" things.

Is society filling youngins' heads with sugarplum fairies?  What happens when a boss is critical? What happens when they need to actually compete for a job or promotion?  What if they are downsized and out of a job?

What happens if the "mean lady in accounting" says something to offend them?  Does mommy get on the phone to Human Resources and demand her precious angel be removed from the current boss and position and placed elsewhere with a "nicer" boss and a politically correct accounting rep?

Parental Guidance - Funny Movie - Yet Sad seeing how things are these days

Today, kids get trophies for no competition.What exactly did they win?  Life IS competition.
I lost the 3 legged race, but I won the writing competition!
I survived not winning the 3-legged race on field day several years in a row!  I wasn't scarred for life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  You have to learn to deal.

I was proud of winning an award for a story I wrote.  There was a contest among all the elementary schools (12) and the grade level (6 classes of 30 kids per class in each school).  I WON out of all those people!

In order to win, I had to work hard.  I wasn't handed an award to make me feel good about simply participating.

Colleges are giving kids a "safe place" because of election results!!!????  People are using safety pins as some sort of symbol!!!!!

The world isn't always going to be completely safe, the sooner one learns that, the better off they will be.

If our children are always around "safe people" who think exactly like their families or group, what happens when they go out into the big scary world of  PEOPLE who all think differently.  A huge does of culture shock and reality is what happens.

My great grandmother was married at 16.  She raised 9 children (lost some too, 9 lived) All four of my grandparents came from large families. No one had the time to cater to and pussy foot around one child.  The kids were better off for it!

My grandparents and their siblings spoke about their parents as if they were royalty until the day they died.  Today, we hear ungrateful brats cursing out parents and speaking of them badly.  They have no respect for anyone in authority.

My grandparents all survived the depression.  They raised kids and taught them respect, responsibility, and work ethic. They were fighting in WWII as teens and young men and the women were taking over the men's jobs AND still doing their jobs (raising kids, keeping homes).

My parents' generation fought in The Vietnam War.  They lived through their beautiful neighborhood in Brooklyn being invaded and ruined.

The Italian/American kids were picked on by the Irish cops.My dad and his friends lived it.  No one went home crying to mommy. They didn't picket in the streets, whine, complain or scream how they were being treated unfairly. They were too busy working.

Mom's Sweet 16 . Dad giving her a ring.
People married early, mostly in their teens years ago.  At one time, if you were 25 and unmarried, you were an old maid.  My parents met when mom was 15 and dad 17.  They married when mom was 19 and dad 21. I was born when mom was 21 and dad was 23.  They will be married 55 years (HAPPILY) this June!  They were mature, responsible and ADULT from the day they met and trust me, no one had more fun than them!

Now the "experts" are claiming "kids" do things because their brains aren't fully developed. So... we are sending 18 year olds to fight wars, allowing them to vote, allowing them to marry, sending them off to college all with underdeveloped brains!!!!!!!!!

Why was it our ancestors were able to raise kids at age 16, fight wars, and be adults? Hmmmm. There's this bridge in Brooklyn for sale.... HA HA.

Yes, there were bad things about those times, just like there's bad things about this time. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!  No matter the time in history, there's been good and bad.  It's the same today and it will be the same in the future!

Society is not preparing children for good and bad They want to demand (See You Should Have Demanded... Part One) everyone act one way and conform to THEIR beliefs!  Most of them are hypocrites no less.

People years ago had BACKBONES.  They didn't crumble and cry and whine when they didn't get their way or someone said a word they didn't like.

The world is a big place.  Not everyone will be just like you, believe exactly as you do, act the way you want them to.  That's a GOOD thing.  One must learn to deal with all types of people and not expect them to conform to their wants.

Society can change names of things to fool themselves.  It doesn't stop anything.  I was recently chatting with a teen who told me there's a cafe in their school run by special needs kids.

The kids refer to it as "The Chromosome Cafe".  Not in front of them.  There's also insult jokes to one another "you are special, VERY special."  That has replaced "you are such a retard." Same insult joke, different words.

Kids especially, but people in general, will always make jokes, tease, etc.  You can keep changing the name, the jokes will continue. It's a JOKE. I've seen professional comedians tell these type of jokes.

When I was a teen, I stood up for a handicapped person in a fast food restaurant. Kids were DIRECTLY TORMENTING the employee, not making a little joke amongst themselves.

I stood up, went over to the table of teen boys and said, "he has Downs Syndrome,"  what's your excuse.  I asked them to stop. Between my tone, expression and words, they chose to shut up fast. They realized how badly they were behaving.

Picking on someone directly, in any way, for any reason is way different than making innocent jokes. I laugh hysterical at jokes about Italians.  It's a JOKE.

I was able to do all this and more at 16!  At 16 I was working summers on Wall Street as an intern for my dad's company. No one forced me. I ASKED to do it!

I started earning my own money babysitting at age 12.  By 16, I was waitressing after school and was still expected to keep my grades and did, easily.

I've never allowed it and never will allow it.  No matter how hard someone tries, I know NO ONE is better than me. 
Kids need to be taught they can't control others and no one can control them.  The only person who can ever make them feel badly is themselves.  We should be teaching our kids to be strong, resilient, tough.  Not to whine, cry, moan, and demand others change to suit them!

It's not what you say, it's HOW you say it.  Someone can say the meanest things and never use a "bad" word.


I made a video - the message is great, the video structure is not.  It was my first attempt at something like that.  But I think kids today need to hear it.

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