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Monday, May 1, 2017

15 Things I Loved About Being Young, Single And Healthy

  • I did what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted. 
  • I handled all finances.
  • I decorated when and how I wanted.  
My Yorkie which I bought in 2006.
  • I decided if we should have pets (yes we should).
  • I did things my way with no one to give me a hard time!
  • I made what I wanted for dinner or what the kids' requested or I decided if we would eat out.
  • I came and went as I pleased
  • I went out with friends as I pleased. 
  • I had guests at my discretion.
  • I never had to worry about anyone else other than myself and the kids.
  • I made all decisions for the kids.
  • There was no one around aggravating me, especially when I wasn't in the mood.
  • I worked the hours I thought were best.
  • I made the choice to go back to school and didn't have to ask anyone's opinion.
  • I chose all vacations and made sure we took at least one big one a year. 
15 Things I Love About Being In My 50's, Married And With A Mystery Illness

  • Now...I'm older, married and ill.  But,I love now too.  Of course, I wish I could eliminate the ill.  I sure am trying.
  • I have a wonderful, caring, fun, funny husband.  He was once told by a professional comedian that he should have been a comedian!  He's been told that by many his whole life, including me.  
Click Video - Cedar Beach, Long Island, NY

We spent an hour on the beach, it was relaxing and fun.
  • I enjoy having a partner to do the little things with. 
  • It's great to ask hubby's opinion before decisions are made.
  • An impromptu stop in a pet store led to hubby buying me a Chiweenie for my birthday. Surprises are fun!
  • I look forward to Grandmotherhood! Is that a word?  Well, it's my word.  (See The Family I Haven't Met Yet)
  • These days, rather than wild adventures, I get excited about the little things in life. (See Incredible, Amazing Party With My Fabulous Fun, Insane Family And Friends!)
  • Being older and  ill gives your perspective.  You realize the years go by very fast.  When you are young, time moves slower, even though you are crazy busy.  
We spent an hour on the beach!  I've collected shells at many destinations.  I enjoyed collecting them right here on Long Island!  They are just as beautiful. 
My Yorkie up front, Lucy's brother visiting, Lucy with her tongue sticking out and my Morkie in back.
  • I love long talks with hubby and my parents while sitting in the yard watching the dogs play. 
  • It's great not having to lug everything on my own.  My son is grown and helps (does the majority) my hubby does what he can and I do what I can. 

I love life at all ages, all stages and all circumstances.  It sure does beat the alternative!  

I've always liked me.  I never cared if others didn't, though very few didn't.  I liked me young, thin, healthy, fat, sick, pregnant, etc.  It's so sad to me when someone puts themselves down.  The best gift one can have is confidence.  

Embrace the NOW.  You may not get later.  Find something to love about the NOW, no matter how difficult the situation seems.  You are strong enough to get through it!  (See Time Travel - Is It Possible?)

When life deals a rough hand, be silly and laugh (See The Intricate Process of Making A Cup of Coffee)

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  1. Great article & the one thing I love about being young and single is I get to go out with my friends as much as I want.

    1. I married young the first time. I loved being single when I left my ex. Marriage was the last thing on my mind. I did eventually remarry, and I'm happy, it has it's pros too, but when I was a young divorcee, I had a ball!!!!!

  2. Loved your article and totally agree that if single one can have a ball of a time

    1. I have great memories of going out with friends. The best part was I had a friend in the fire department. What a good friend to have. She introduced me to a ton of firemen and cops!!!!! LOL