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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....

The Holistic Doctor had me go back to basics (See Back To Basics - Organic Baby Food? The Holistic Approach).  We got a kick out of that; you gotta keep a sense of humor, right? 

Well, we are going even FURTHER back.  My friend stopped by with her four month old twins the other day and I realized, I'm drinking the same nutrition they are!  (See Good News! AND THEN... THIS HAPPENED!!!!)

Yes.... I've gone back beyond baby food.  Now I'm on INFANT FORMULA!!!  (See My Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor March 31, 2017).  You can buy this over the counter, however, mine is a prescription and is covered by my insurance due to medical necessity as is my friend's product for her twins.  

We can't go back much further.  Unless we are going to start all over.  Won't my mom be surprised to find out she's pregnant in her 70's!!!!!

With the problems I'm having, I would't mind a do-over!  Can I pick and choose too?  I'd like to be at least 5'9".  It stinks being 5'4", I can never reach anything, especially being married to a man who is 6" and puts everything on the ceiling.  I wan't long legs, dark hair and blue eyes!  I mean, since we are starting over, why not make it perfection (well, my perfection that is.)

I can hear the doctor now. telling my mom,  "Congratulations,you just gave birth to... a GIRL, 64 inches, 120 pounds 3 oz".  Ok, maybe the scale was on the fritz!  Basically, my mom just gave birth to a baby elephant!

I asked mom to rock me tonight with my blankie.  She refused, saying I need to learn to go to sleep on my own!  She did read me my favorite bedtime story though!

I'm thinking my next visit with the doctor will put me back into diapers!  Stay tuned...

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  1. Fun post - as long as it doesn't happen. Your poor mom! I am always grateful to the Lord for closing the factory at a reasonable age. I would HATE to do a Sarah and have a baby in my old age! Even if she wasn't the size of an elephant! V is for the Virtue of Value as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.

    1. Thank you. You need to keep a sense of humor. It's how I get through! :)

  2. I think we are all just big baby's in some way shape or form. I would have never though of formula as an adult for nutrition, I guess my baby and I will be have a drink together tonight. Cheers!

    1. Isn't it funny. I would have never thought of it either. The doctor prescribed it to me saying no one is every allergic to this particular formula. I just drank my nightly 4 oz now. LOL Cheers to you and the little one! Enjoy them while they are little, it goes so fast! My next post is about that, written and scheduled to post tomorrow! :)

  3. Love to learn new tricks! Thank you for sharing! :)