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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why Do Doctors Order Their Own Testing?

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I've learned from personal experience and the experience of family, friends and clients, that, at least in downstate New York, doctors prefer to do their own testing.  This happens when one doctor refers you to another or when you choose to switch from one doctor to another within the same specialty.

I started seeing a new Allergist and new Endocrinologist.  Both ordered all their own tests.  I had a sonogram of my thyroid within the past three months at my primary's office. The Endocrinologist didn't want reports or cd's from the primary.

Why do these doctors prefer their own testing?

  • They want to use the facilities they are associated with.  
  • They may feel the equipment is more advanced.   
  • They trust the Professionals at the facility.  
  • They have a relationship and work well together..
  • It avoids lawsuits.  
  • They can't be blamed for "missing" something due to using tests from other doctors.
  • If they order their own, sometimes the same testing, sometimes the same plus more, they are considered thorough. 

I worked in the insurance field many years.  I've seen lawsuits.  Doctors can't win.  

If they order their own testing, patients accuse them of "bringing up the bill."  If they don't order their own testing, they are accused of being incompetent.  I can't count the angry calls I received on both ends of the spectrum.  

Then there's the many calls I received from clients saying, "Doreen, thank God this new doctor did more testing.  He/she found (blank).  Why didn't my other doctor find it?"  Some want to sue the previous doctor (at least try), some are just thankful the new doctor identified the problem.

The new allergist I saw recently recommended I see a Specialist.  The PA in the ER last Saturday also recommended the same Specialist (see Round and Round We Go... The Saga Continues). 

I called yesterday.  Per his outgoing message on Monday, he was not available until yesterday.  He doesn't take my insurance!  Round and round we go. 

I now have an appointment with someone who works alongside him.  They squeezed me in on 3/31/17. I'm told the first appointment will be more than two hours long!  WOW. And.... she will want to do all her own testing I'm sure.  

At this point, the facilities know me on a first name basis. I don't think there's one within a 60 mile radius I haven't been sent to. 

Today I see the ENT.  He will probably want testing.  I haven't had testing from an ENT, so this will be something new.  

Stay tuned...

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