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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Snowstorm That Wasn't - The Allergy Attack That Was

The prediction was for up to 18 inches.  I was up early for several days listening to the weather. I listened all day until just before bed. Anxiety was setting in.  (See Round And Round We Go... The Saga Continues)

Because of my allergies/immunology issues, I went to Sam's Club and Stop & Shop for necessities over the weekend . They are on the same road, close to one another.  I couldn't do Shoprite in the same day, it was just too much (see Where Do I Shop).

On Monday, I went to Shoprite.  I couldn't get my organic ground beef, the truck wasn't in yet.  The delivery was scheduled for 12:30 but came late.

Schools and some companies closed on a mere prediction.

Everyone was surprised.  As you can see from one of the many Facebook posts the day of the "storm", it was no big deal.  Authorities panicked and jumped the gun.  

The day of the "big storm" I got up and started preparing my soup.  I turned on the news and heard that the big storm wasn't going to be so big anymore.  In fact, we got rain and sleet, that's it.  

We may not have gotten 18 inches of snow, but it was still a yucky day. The wind was blowing hard, it was cold, and the sleet was tapping against the windows, keeping the dogs on edge for hours.

It was a great day for soup (see Organic, Gluten Free Chicken, Beef, Vegetable Soup In The Crockpot). I decided on a tomato base this time.  It gives the soup a rich flavor. 

Watch Video for soup

Even the dogs got comfort food.  Yes, I cook for my dogs.  I boiled them up some fresh chicken. They eat chicken, dry dog food, vegetables, and wet dog food - not all together.  My pups like to feel cozy too!

My worst fear (see Snowstorm Anxiety When You Have Allergies, Asthma, Hashimotos, Cellulitis Issuescame true yesterday during the bad weather.  I was filled with anxiety; would I need an ambulance?  Would they get to me timely with the weather?  I'm absolutely terrified to ride in an ambulance in this weather.  

After preparing the soup, I chopped up part of a carrot and a potato and cooked them in the microwave.  I took leftover chicken from the freezer and heated that in the microwave.  

The chicken, potatoes and carrots were a late lunch.  I've eaten them all before recently, though that doesn't mean anything.  For some reason, I had an allergic reaction.  I don't know if something got contaminated by mistake or if something might have been in the microwave or if it's something else.  My neck started swelling and hurting and my tongue got tingly. 

I took a Benadryl right away.  I also stood my EpiPens up in my pocketbook and took it with me into my parents' side of the house where there were more people.  A few hours later, I took another Benadryl. Things didn't calm down for about 6 hours. 

It appears to be an allergy issue.  It happened right after I ate. It's happened before.  However, maybe it's something more. I've had testing done, but maybe they are missing something.  

I see the Allergist/Immunologist (see In The ER Again, This One Is a Doozy) again this afternoon. Right now, I'm scared to eat anything.  I asked my mom (see The Family I Haven't Met Yet) to come with me. She may think of questions I don't.  I want another set of ears too.    I went with my sister Monday to see her surgeon for the same reason.  It's good to have support.

I get nervous whenever I see a doctor and I sure see plenty (see Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashomoto' Disease).
To be continued. This is a never ending saga.  I'm hoping one day, someone, somewhere figures out how to help me.  

Several people suggested I try Cornell in New York City.  It's very difficult to get an appointment. I'm going to speak to my doctor about it today.  He may be able to get me in.  Then there's a matter of insurance, will they take mine?  We will see how it unfolds.  Stay tuned...

Update:  3/19/17 - the saga continues (see 5 Signs You Need To Go To The ER For An Allergic Reaction)

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  1. Oh, it is absolutely delicious. If you try it, please let us know.

  2. humnm. This looks great, lovely recipe ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So sad....I would have been quite depressed if this happens with me..eagerly waiting for snow and getting only sleet...

  4. I was ok with it. Snow is not my thing. I never eagerly await it! LOL I'm sure for snow lovers, it was a disappointment. Many got a day off work or school. They jumped the gun on that one, but I guess those who got a rainy day off were ok with it.

  5. the recipe is good and good luck with your search for cure. And doctor meetings are always bound to make me nervous too! Great post and thanks for sharing. Winter times can be made cozier with such warm food to eat. thanks and cheers

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I do get anxiety from doctor visits. But... maybe one day one of them will figure this mess out. Glad you liked the recipe. Let me know if you try it!

  6. My sister is thinking about starting a food blog. I'll pass this info to her. Thanks a lot!

    1. Good luck to your sister. Tell her to join some blogging groups on Facebook. You learn a lot.