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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 2

Foods Associate With New York, Part 2  See Part 1

Honorable mentions - breakfast egg sandwich, lobster roll, Italian ice and soft ice cream.

Any deli downstate New York will serve up a breakfast egg sandwich to your specifications.  You simply cannot get a breakfast egg sandwich anywhere like you can in New York! 

The restaurant appropriately named The Lobster Roll here on Long Island not only has delicious food, and, of course, lobster rolls, but also offers a gluten free menu!  I've eaten there over the years and they are delicious.  

While Italian ices were technically "invented" in New Jersey, they are very much associated with New York.  Nothing beat walking up to Queens Blvd. on a hot summer night with all my cousins to buy Italian ices,  

Food Businesses Started in New York:

Carvel - Founded by Tom Carvel in Hartsdale, New York in Westchester, County, a suburb of New York City.  Carvel  soft ice cream is gluten free.  

Entenmann's - The company is over 100 years old.  It is known for it's delicious baked goods.  I interviewed there back in the 1980's and was offered a secretarial position which I turned down for a job in New York City instead.  

The company was founded by William Entenmann, who learned his trade from his father, a German immigrant.  Entenmann started the company in Brooklyn, New York but eventually moved to Long Island.  Frank Sinatra placed weekly orders for Crumb Coffee Cake.   

Domino - The company was started in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn.  My family is from Williamsburg, Brooklyn so it's very close to home.  

"The original Domino Sugar Factory is officially making way for Two Trees’ Domino megaproject."  Read more


Long Island Iced Tea:  Stories abound, however, the most reliable story is that this cocktail was invented right here on Long Island by a bartender in the 1970's at the Oak Beach Inn.  Not only does this famous cocktail look like iced tea, if made correctly, it should also taste like it!  See explanation above!  For more on the history of the Long Island Iced Tea visit this article.  
I used to go to the OBI, the acronym for the club, with friends myself back then. The most fun I ever had was at age 19 (drinking age was 18 at the time) when I went with a group of about 30 friends and family and danced all night on crutches.  Yes, my leg was in a cast but it didn't stop me from dancing all night long. 

I was never affected by the change in drinking age.  When they changed it to age 19, it went into effect in December, so I was already 19.  The same with when they changed it to 21. 

The Egg Cream - associated with Brooklyn, the egg cream has many stories circulating around its inception.  I assure you, you will never taste an egg cream as good as one you get in Brooklyn, NY. The History of the Egg Cream Soda

Beer and Wine - The Blue Point Brewery, born in 1998 as they say on their website, makes amazing beer right here on Long Island.  Long Island Wine Country is famous for it's wine and the many wineries on the east end (North Shore - opposite the South Shore which is home to The Hamptons).  Wine tasting is popular with both locals and tourists.  Some wineries cater to bachelorette parties, weddings and also host various events with live music, comedians and other entertainment (see video above)

When New Yorkers travel or move from New York, the first thing you always hear them say is, "I can't wait for good food, I want a breakfast sandwich, a bagel, a slice of pizza and a good beer!"  We are spoiled here. 

Almost all the foods and drinks mentioned can be made or purchased gluten free.  More and more restaurants and manufacturers are making gluten free options available.  

You can make your own "dirty water dogs" just be careful of the products you purchase.  As advised in a recent article, be sure to read all labels and contact manufacturers.    

A Few Links - Where to Purchase:  

Bare Naked Bakery And Cafe


11 Best Gluten Free Restaurants in NYC

Video shot a few years back of me discussing gluten free and nut free 
Me at BLD's a few years back.  I can no longer eat anything that I don't personally cook.  Above is a gluten free, nut free, soy free meal they made me, which I always got 2 to 3 meals out of.  At the time I didn't have a problem with corn or eggs or my other issues.  The bottom picture is the eggs Benedict my husband orders every time he is there.
BLD's Restaurant, Ronkonkoma, NY - This is near and dear to me.  They treat everyone like family. I have been a patron of the restaurant over 12 years. Please see video above which I made a few years ago when I was still able to eat out.  I can no longer eat anything that is not made by myself.  

Best Gluten Free Menu on Long Island

Please leave a comment about foods and drinks associated with your neck of the woods.  

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