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Saturday, March 25, 2017

5 Ways Dogs Help You Feel Better

My babies, Lucy (a Chiweenie - half  Chihuahua, half dachshund) and Lexxi (a Morkie - half Maltese, half Yorkie)
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Five Ways Dogs Help You Feel Better:
  • My pups cuddle up to me, especially when I'm sick.  It's very comforting.  When I have the chills, they keep me warm. 
On a Fall walk 
Enjoying a sunny day in the yard
  • Pets keep you active. You must get up and move to care for them, clean up after them and play with them.  Walking, regardless of how slow I go, is still good exercise for me and them. Taking them in the yard and playing with them keeps me moving. 
Lucy above in a Halloween costume, Lexxi above in a Halloween costume!  Lucy took a comfy seat... ON Lexxi
  • They often make you laugh and as they say, "laughter is the best medicine."
Totally relaxed position - which helps to relax humans
not my dog - sample picture
  • Pets protect.  One night, my Lucy woke me with a very deep bark/growl.  It was clear something wasn't right.  I looked outside and hit the spotlights, A male ran from my side door. THAT was scary. Had that dog not alerted me, he may have tried to break in. He was scared off by the the dog and lights.  
In the above situation, the dogs are better than the alarm system.  The alarm goes off AFTER the break in. The dogs "go off" BEFORE the break in.

We've always had a houseful of dogs. Years ago, we had mostly large dogs.  The homes on both sides of us were robbed (teenage kids were the culprit).  Our house was never broken into; our dogs weren't to be messed with.

At the time we had five; a Shepherd mix, a St. Bernard (the pup of my first St. Bernard), two mutts and... one Chihuahua.  The Chihuahua made the most noise, alerting, but the big dogs created the most fear.  

Funny story:

Before we moved to this house, we lived in a High Ranch also on Long Island (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York).  For those not familiar with the style, when you enter, you are on a landing and you must either go up or down a flight of stairs.  

A service person came to the door.  My dad answered.  Our St. Bernard was downstairs behind a closed door.  The service man heard a dog barking from upstairs.  It was a medium-sized mutt named Chips.  The man walked in and headed downstairs. 

My dad tried to stop him but the guy wouldn't listen, having heard the small dog, he proclaimed he wasn't afraid of dogs. .

Until he opened the door and was met with a St. Bernard. All he said was... "Mr., Mr. Mr."  in a terrified voice.  The St. Bernard was sitting in quiet waiting....

My dad still laughs telling that story 48 years later!

This family must be so thankful for this wonderful dog.

I have fond memories of all the dogs in my life.  When I was born, I was taken home from the hospital to dogs in the home and I will never be without my precious pups.  Especially now that I am having medical problems and am home all the time.  They always help me to feel a bit better.

No one on the planet will protect you and get into trouble with you better than your devoted dog!

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  1. I love dogs! They give unconditional love, the ultimate gift.
    I recently read that some dogs (maybe all) can detect cancer. Maybe google it, if you're interested. Nice post.

  2. I'm a dog-lover too. I've seen documentaries on dogs detecting cancer. I do believe that there is truth behind it. There is an odor that is different from normal cells, I believe, and that's what dogs are picking up on. Thank you for your comment.