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Friday, March 24, 2017

12 Facts About Long Island, New York

It happened again.  But, let's get away from the medical posts for a bit and tell you about where I was born and raised!  It's something fun and interesting.  See below:

See end of post for some good laughs!

Watching mom and dad leave the ER. How adorable. Married 55 years and still walk like newlyweds.
Another one for the wall.  I'm going to start on the living room as soon as I feel better.
Back in the ER last night (for my ER adventures see In the ER Again - This One Is A Doozy and 

The doctor's office told me to go. It was so crowded, I was put in a cot in the hallway. Hubby, mom and dad were with me.

Diagnosis: bronchitis AND the flu. Normal people get a cold and it goes away. If I get a cold it NEVER goes away, it always turns into something more. This is due to immunology issues. 

Now to the interesting stuff:  

Twelve Facts About Long Island, New York!  I love where I live - hope you enjoy learning about it. 

Twelve Facts About Long Island, New York. 
  • The 2015 census estimated a population of  7,838,722, we are considered a large city.
THIS VIDEO WAS SHOT AT LEAST  3 to 5 YEARS AGO AT DIFFERENT TIMES.  It shows various Long Island places from the local airport (my son drove me to pick up my daughter from a trip), a local farm/winery, a North Shore Beach on the Long Island Sound and a ferry ride to Fire Island, on the South Shore- both the Great South Bay and the Ocean Beaches. You will see boats close to shore in The Long Island Sound and the Great South Bay.  I've never seen it at the ocean beaches.  
  • Long Island is 118 miles long and 23 miles wide at its widest (North to South) and a very expensive place to live.
  • At one time, Long Island was considered a playground. No one expected anyone to live and work on Long Island full time.  
THIS VIDEO WAS SHOT SEVERAL YEARS AGO.  I don't drive on highways due to anxiety, but I will drive the LIE service road when it's not rush hour.  There I don't have to drive more than 40 mph or encounter a lot of traffic.
  • Long Island was full of summer homes which were converted to year-round homes years later, leaving some homes suddenly on major roads.  A building boom started in the late 60's and continued until the early 80's when woods were cleared and brand new construction took place, building large neighborhoods.
Our house when it was brand new.
  • Some homes that currently sit on major roads were once in woods with nothing around for miles. When we first moved here in the early 70's, there were still chicken farms and people tied horses up to posts to go into the local bar! We rode sleds down the middle of the road as kids, played games in the street from morning until night (if we did that now, we would die).
This is very funny, if you know The Hamptons - they hit the nail on the head!  
  • The Hamptons, while known as the playground of the rich and famous, is also the home to and playground of the upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, poor and many illegal immigrants (who work out there, within the last 20 years).  People from around the world and local Long Islanders and New Yorkers enjoy The Hamptons. 
  • The legal Polish immigrants worked the farms then started their own farms on the North Shore  (which still exist) and at one point brought African Americans to the area to work on the farms, hence the large population of African Americans in Riverhead and east. (See Our Story for a great story on Polish farmers keeping the business going with new ideas)
  • The Hamptons (See Summer in the Hamptons: Hampton Bays, the Gateway Drug , a great blog post by a very funny author.  I love her comments on fresh fish right off the boats, I used to LOVE that), are comprised of many towns on the South Shore, not all of which have the name Hampton in them.  Montauk Point, Sag Harbor and more are part of The Hamptons.
A shot taken by me of a wedding taking place on the beach at Gurney's Inn in Montauk while we were on our honeymoon.
  • The Hamptons is a huge destination wedding and honeymoon location (see Gurney's Inn). People come from around the world. Hubby and I took our honeymoon there.  It's close to us, but, we wanted to stay close to home at the time due to a very sick relative.
    • At one time, the only way to head out to Long Island was via Motor Parkway aka Vanderbilt/Motor Parkway (see 100 Year Old Dream - A Road Just For Cars). It was a slow, leisurely drive, considered a day trip from Brooklyn, New York. 

    LIE traffic - this is accurate!  Fun, fun fun - NOT
    • It takes approximately three hours to drive from Manhattan to Montauk with no traffic.  There is NEVER no traffic on Long Island. From Memorial Day through Labor Day the LIE is bumper to bumper with drivers heading out East to The Hamptons starting about 2:00 p.m Friday.  
    My dad commuted daily into NYC to Wall Street for 40 years.  I too did it for a while back in the 80's
    • The Long Island Railroad is the oldest railroad still operating under its original name in the United States and is also the busiest commuter railroad in North America. 
    We have a local accent just like everyone else - cute video. (See Welcome - Make Yourself At Home...)

    Local Lingo and Accent:
    • You go IN to the city (the five boroughs - Brooklyn, Queens,The Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan, aka New York City or THE CITY as we refer to it).  
    • You go OUT to Long Island or, THE ISLAND.  
    We are so "famous" people name businesses after us New Yorkers!  
    • It isn't morning if you don't stop in a deli or bagel shop for your CAWFEE and breakfast (bagel or egg sandwich) before work. Lines are long, but employees are FAST. If you aren't fast here (employee and customer), you won't make it (you may even get beat up - Just Kidding, ok you will get yelled at, given dirty looks, huffed and puffed at and sometimes, literally skipped over)
    • Bagel - scientifically proven to be a million times better on Long Island (see Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York)
    Picture I took a few years ago.  The wine was for someone else, I could no longer drink it even back then.
    • Anything on either Fork past Riverhead is known as Out East (North Shore - farms and wineries, South Shore - The Hamptons)
    • You don't live in Long Island, you live ON Long Island.
    • Piano Man - Billy Joel, local Long Islander..  
    • The house, business, resort, hotel is "on the water."  (See The Silliest Things I've been Told/Asked below)
    Interesting video

    Whenever I've traveled out of New York, people immediately knew where I was from, sometimes before I opened my mouth.  I walked into a restaurant on vacation with my kids and my sister and her kids. Not one of us said one word.  The employee walked up to us and said, "you are from New York!" Wow.... it shows.  It's happened to me many times, never spoke and I was pegged!  

    It's a combination of the dress, the stance, the attitude (not that it's bad, just different), the hair styles, the Italian/American look (a lot of Italian immigrants settled in the tri-state area).  Then again, we can spot tourists immediately in NYC, they don't have to say one word either.  

    Once we open our mouths, you can't miss it! For my lollipop confusion while travelling (see Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York)

    I went back to school as an adult at a local college.  It was part of an adult education program geared towards working adults (with the exact same curriculum as those attending regular college classes and the same professors).   I earned my Bachelor's Degree.

    One of my elective, online courses, was called The History of Long Island.  I knew a lot having been born and raised here, however, it was an amazing class.  

    A pavilion back in the day at Lake Ronkonkoma called Hollywood
    Years ago, when my grandparents and parents where young, Long Island was a day trip for a family outing to Lake Ronkonkoma.  They never dreamed they would be living here full time, east of Lake Ronkonkoma (the further east you go, the further you are from the city)..   

    Beer truck overturned spilling beer on the LIE (Long Island Expressway)
    The Long Island Expressway - (March 22, 2017, the Long Island Expressway saw another one of it's "famous" accidents)  Back in the mid 80's, prior to cell phones, I was stuck on the LIE for several hours.  It was closed down due to a bad accident, I think condiments were spilled all over the road.

    I was heading to a job interview and just never showed up; I couldn't even call.  Unfortunately, we were stopped dead between exits so... being it was summer, everyone got out of their cars and we had a little party in the middle of the LIE!  People were dancing, bumming smokes, sharing drinks.

    When I watched clips from La La Land, I said, "hey, I did that! Long before they did!" I'm an innovator!!!!!!!  Sadly, I got no compensation.  La La Land was more dramatic; no one was dancing on cars on the LIE, we stuck to the street. 

    Excellent video made by locals (my son & nephew went to school with them and knew of them).  I've been to everywhere they mention!  It's true Long Island.  

    Long Islanders go into the city (New York City) a lot to go out to the clubs, dinner, shows, especially Broadway, etc.  The best time to visit NYC is around the holidays!  

    For A Good Laugh - The Silliest Things I've been Told/Asked:
    • On a message board years ago:  There's no McDonalds in The Hamptons!  Wow... The person then wrote: "she found one"  It was a good chuckle. I didn't have to "find" it.  I never ate there, but I passed one almost daily at the time, it had been there for years. There's more than one, for the record.
    THIS VIDEO WAS SHOT A WHILE AGO.  Apparently, they have since made laws against nude bathing which is ridiculous.  With all they should be worried about, nude bathing should be the last thing on their minds.

    You will find boats close to shore in The Long Island Sound and The Great South Bay, not the ocean beaches where people would go nude. 
    • Same silly person on message board years ago:  "If you go to a nude beach on Long Island, there will be people with boats using zoom lenses taking your picture and children will be molested/raped by pedophiles"  Ok then. FACT:  First statement - absurd.  Second statement -More children are harmed by someone they know and trust than by strangers.  I'd be more concerned with the priest, coach, teacher, uncle, neighbor, etc.; the people we leave our kids with all the time, than a short visit to a nude beach. 

    • "Have you ever seen a murder?" Thankfully, NO!  Folks, we aren't killing each other in the streets.  There's crime, like everywhere else, but I have survived living here 52 years just fine.
    • New Yorkers are nasty/mean/disrespectful/rude.  No we aren't.  We are fast-paced, which is misconstrued.  I find the majority of people very nice (unless you aren't fast and they need to get to work!!!)  For the not so nice (see Me, My Highfalutin Car And The ENT..)  You can run into rude/crazy people anywhere, but it's not common.
    One picture was shot a few years ago by my daughter on a trip to California, the other shot years before that in Hampton Bays, NY by me.  Can you tell which way the sun is?  Ummmm. NO  The stupidity was just too much to handle.  
    • A different silly (oh who am I kidding, stupid) person on a message board:  Talking about a picture I took.  "Shouldn't the sun be in the other direction?" She was questioning my statement that I took the picture in Hampton Bays, Long Island, NY, calling me a liar. REALLY?????  Seriously??? That one I literally laughed out loud for a good 20 minutes and so did many other people!!!!  You cannot possibly tell from a picture what direction the sun is in.  The one on the right was taken by me, (true story) in Hampton Bays.
    • "How did you have a meeting on the water?"  When a Long Islander says they were at a meeting "on the water" they don't mean LITERALLY on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  What they mean is, a home, business located near the water.  
    • "Where you in a gang during high school?"  What?  NO, not I nor anyone I know was ever in a gang.
    • "Is your dad/husband in the mafia?"  Ummmm. NO, we can't have your ex whacked, sorry. (chuckling). 

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    1. This was awesome, especially since I am from Long Island.

      1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed. Do you still live on Long Island?