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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Is Your Vote - Should They or Shouldn't They

"It's not fair, there's more of us, aren't there?"

"But, it's the only thing I love to snack on."

"Oh my God, why the dramatics, it's only a little bit."

"That mother thinks she runs the place."

"She's such a drama queen."

"Why should my kid suffer, send your kid to an isolated room or keep the kid home."

"Can't she just go eat in her car, away from everyone else."

And on and on....

What is Your Vote?  Should they or shouldn't they ban certain foods in schools, in work areas, at meetings due to allergies?

I suffer with too many allergy/asthma issues to ban items.  They would need to ban everyone from everything!  People have tried to be considerate, some people anyway, however, it's nearly impossible in my instance.

What is your take on banning nuts in the classroom of a child with a nut allergy or banning it at the job of a person with a nut allergy?  Should those in charge declare such a ban?

Have you ever come up against an uncaring, inconsiderate, selfish person who feels that their rights are being infringed upon?  They seem to forget that while they may be inconvenienced, agreed, someone else could, well, DIE!   My opinion, death outweighs inconvenience.

Have you ever heard any of the above statements?  Do you have a doozy of your own to share?

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