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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Organic Brussels Sprouts & NYC Restaurant Known For It's Brussels Sprouts!

I had been searching for organic Brussels sprouts for months.  I asked several times at Whole Foods and they told me I wouldn't find them fresh or frozen.  For some reason, finding organic Brussels sprouts is very difficult.  They weren't kidding.  I even searched online to no avail.  And then... when I wasn't looking, there they were!   I found them in Stop & Shop.

I learned to cook from my grandmothers and my mom.  Being of Italian descent, they always made vegetables in oil and garlic. It's how I grew up eating my veggies.  I loved vegetables since I was a very young child.  In fact, my mother told me she couldn't feed me enough as a baby.

A few years back, I went into New York City with my husband and his family. We stopped at an Italian Restaurant/Pizzeria called Otto, owned by Mario Batali.  At the time, I was still able to eat in restaurants, however, I had developed the gluten and nut allergy.  It wasn't as bad as now.  I was able to order a salad and their famous Brussels sprouts.  Yes... when in season, people actually went FOR the Brussels sprouts.

Brussels Sprouts I had at Otto - absolutely delicious
Me about 5 years ago in front of Washington Square Park in NYC and inside the entrance to Otto Restaurant, which is right by the park.  The scene in When Harry Met Sally, when they arrive in New York, takes place in front of the park.  It is where they part ways.  

Many Italian restaurants, and restaurants serving other ethnic foods, offer more than the traditional options.

Growing up, there were always vegetables on the table, even on Sundays.  They were served after the traditional pasta dishes, alongside the meat (usually a roast of some sort) and potatoes.

If you live on Long Island, you don't need to travel into New York City for great Brussels sprouts made Italian style.  Emilio's in Commack offers a few dishes, one being gluten free.

I was very excited to find organic Brussels sprouts.  These days, I generally steam my vegetables and eat them plain. I'm undecided if I will try seasoning the Brussels sprouts with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic garlic.  See video below for steaming process.  

Yes, I was a strange child.  Most children don't like many vegetables and despise the dreaded spinach or Brussels sprouts serving bowl being placed on the table.  I was in my glory.  Those were my two favorite vegetables.  I couldn't get enough.

If you eat all organic and happen to love Brussels sprouts, check your local Stop & Shop if you have one.

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