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Monday, February 13, 2017

Where Do I Shop For Organic, Gluten Free, And More...

Eating organic, gluten, soy, nut, corn and egg fee is definitely challenging.

The cost is considerable. Especially if you shop in specialty stores such as Whole Foods or Wild By Nature.

This is just an example, ingredients below are not for this item.  

This is just an example, this has corn in it, so I would't be able to use the product, however, sharing equipment that processes these other common allergens simply ruins my chance of purchasing.  
It is difficult to find items that are both organic and gluten free, such as bread, pizza dough, pancake mixes, etc.  Where I live, it seems they are either organic or gluten free, not both. Even searching online proves difficult.  If I do find an item, it generally has something else in it I'm allergic to.

The most frustrating thing is finding an item that's organic, gluten free, free of everything else I'm allergic to and then to read the dreaded warning:  PRODUCED IN A FACTORY THAT ALSO PRODUCES TREE NUTS OR WHEAT OR CORN, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.   Manufacturers!!!!!  What are you thinking or why aren't you thinking.  Your product is now useless to so many.

So where do I shop and what do I buy?  Shopping is an experience for me.  I can't get everything in one store. I shop in various stores, not all in one day as that would be too much for me.

Many supermarkets and Clubs now carry organic and gluten free items.  ShopRite is closest to me and I buy everything I need for my lasagna there - lasagna recipe. I can also get my cereal and other items.  Bottled water is usually on sale also.

I buy all my baby food and organic chicken from Stop & Shop. Why do I eat baby food?  Visit this article.  I can buy frozen and fresh organic vegetables at either supermarket and I will check flyers to for sales.

I do not belong to Costco, but my mom does.  She found a good buy and bought me organic, grass-fed beef that was less expensive than at ShopRite.

I do belong to Sam's Club and they are carrying more and more organic and/or gluten free items.  I can find some great items there, but not everything I need.

I also shop online.  Sometimes I save money and get free delivery.  I can't buy everything I need online.  One of my favorite sites is Vitacost.  I use them for my pasta often.

The only Tinkyada, organic, gluten free, brown rice pasta I can buy in the supermarkets is at ShopRite and it's only lasagna cut.  The rest I would need to go to Whole Foods for.  Whole Foods is a trip as it's by the mall.  That means more travel time, traffic, crowds and gas.  It's easier to buy online and have it delivered.

Where Do I Shop?  Everywhere.  When you suffer with allergies, stomach issues, and other ailments, everything you do is more difficult.  Normally, people go to one store and buy everything.  I can't. Normally, people call a restaurant and simply make a reservation.  I can't.

Shopping is stressful.  Sometimes, I use the handicap cart if I'm not feeling well.  That makes things more difficult.  People cut you off, refuse to move, etc.  I feel the way truck drivers feel on the road.   It's more difficult to maneuver, harder to reach items and harder to go through the cashier line.

Bad weather predictions cause anxiety. Anxiety when it snows - visit this article.

I can't go to one store and buy everything.  It's difficult to go to many stores in one day.  Also, every store is crowded when there's pending bad weather, it would take twice as long. I go to a store that I can buy the most in and I stock up on the same items.  If I have to eat beef for three days, it's better than starving,

I shop for good buys but it's still expensive.  I only stock up so much because I can only spend so much at one time.  There's limited storage, refrigerator and freezer space.

Shopping is a chore and sometimes stressful.  For those with medical issues, where do you shop? Leave a comment on the blog.
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