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Monday, January 9, 2017

What Is Your Favorite Naturally Gluten Free Dish To Cook During The Winter?

My favorite naturally gluten free winter meal to cook is my organic, gluten free soup.  All of the ingredients are naturally gluten free.  I use a lot of vegetables, chicken and sometimes beef (all organic).  I make several variations.  Sometimes I will add tomatoes for a tomato base. I will change or add vegetables, sometimes I make just chicken, sometimes I make both chicken and beef.

The only time I need to buy a product that is made specifically gluten free is if I decide to add pasta. I buy Tinkyada organic, gluten free brown rice pasta (which comes in various cuts).  My preference is to break spaghetti very small.  Sometimes I will use elbows.

So... what is your favorite naturally gluten free dish to cook during the cold winter months?  Please share some ideas, recipes and product recommendations in the comments of this blog.

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