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Monday, January 16, 2017

Gluten Free Pasta Primavera

I threw together a quick pasta dish for dinner.  It took about 15 minutes. Pasta Primavera is a fast, healthy, satisfying dish and you can use any ingredients or cuts of pasta you desire or whatever you have in your pantry, fridge and freezer.

I used Tinkyada organic, gluten free brown rice elbow pasta (I had other cuts of pasta but chose the elbows as that was my mood.)

Premium organic Paesana Marinara and Tomato & Basil sauces mixed together (gluten free).  

Organic frozen peas, organic frozen string beans, organic fresh cauliflower and organic fresh spinach. 

Boil pasta to taste (I like mine al dente) meaning a bit firmer.  I do not like mushy pasta or mushy vegetables.  Steam veggies to taste.  Mix in bowl with sauce (heat sauce if necessary).  Serve and enjoy. Quick, easy, delicious.  Gluten free and free of all my other allergens (see Welcome, Make Yourself At Home)

I made enough for several meals.  You might as well make a good amount if you are going to make it. I had a bowl for lunch the next day (leaving the pasta and veggies al dente assures you won't have a bowl of mush when you reheat).  I added some organic chicken that was leftover from a previous meal and a little extra sauce, stirred and heated in the microwave.  

hot and steamy, mmmmmmmmmm
ready to eat
For dinner that night I had the remainder of the organic chicken breast with steamed organic potatoes, carrots and string beans - gluten free.

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