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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas 2017 - It Wasn't Easy, But It Was Fun

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mom's struffoli

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as I and my family had!

my daughter helping my mom with the struffoli

getting ready to fry the struffoli

mom frying the struffoli

mom and her three granddaughters made the cookies

When I used to be able to act like a normal person, I used to love to bake and cook for the holidays.  Now, things are different.  I haven't been able to go into my mom's side of the house in over a week because they baked cookies, made struffoli, cheese cake, and other goodies in there.

breaded shrimp and scallops, lobster and shrimp scampi

shrimp scampi and salmon

lobster, chicken cutlets for those who don't eat seafood, scallops and shrimp

They also had to cook all the seafood (fried fish) at mom's and then bring it to my sister's house because if they cooked at her house, I couldn't be there.  Christmas Eve in a family of Italian descent is celebrated with a lot of seafood!  It used to be my favorite dinner of the year as I was a huge seafood lover when I was able to eat normally!

Even cleaning becomes an issue.  No one can use bleach or harsh chemicals in their house if I'm coming over (like liquid drain unclogger).  (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?)

I could not eat one thing they made for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!  I had to bring all my own food, which I forgot to take pics of.  My only dessert was Carvel soft chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.  I had a medium sized cup on Christmas Eve and Christmas night.  I did get a picture of my ice cream,

Christmas morning

my niece's dog sat on my husband's foot then laid down and got comfy while still on his foot!

Disney live Christmas morning

But, I looked at the pros, not the cons.  (See Pros And Cons)  We had a ball opening gifts.  We laughed and joked throughout the whole event.  I loved giving certain gifts to certain people and I really enjoyed what I received.

crown roast ready to go into the oven

As we were opening gifts, my sister put two crown roasts in the oven.  She couldn't stuff them, because I was there, but, she did season with garlic, parsley and salt.




fettuccini alfredo

cooked crown roasts, butternut squash, sweet potatoes

I enjoyed the company of everyone later on for dinner.  We had 35 people at my other sister's house!  There was great conversation and a lot of laughter.


Speaking of laughter, I still to this day get a great chuckle out of a crazy lady online years ago who practically had a heart attack over our family serving spaghetti on paper plates.  The above picture set her off.  She used to stalk a blog I had years ago, coming to it at least three to four times EVERY SINGLE DAY and taking it back to a message board I was never on and bashing what she found on my blog.  A group of crazies used to do this daily, until I put a stop to it by proving to them I did know who they were and they were not hiding like they thought they were!  They thought they could hide behind their computers and harass me.

According to friends on Facebook, crazy lady and her pasta on paper plates issue is out there big time!!!!!  Mind you, this woman came to my blog at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve and posted about this.  If she had nowhere to go, nothing to do, darn, she could have read a book, watched a movie, volunteered, called a friend, but instead she chose to go to my blog, while I was enjoying family and friends, and bash my celebration publicly online and think it upset me!  I am still laughing today!

pasta with white clam sauce and pasta with marinara sauce for those who don't like seafood - Christmas Eve
fettuccini alfredo - Christmas night

I couldn't enjoy the food, it was a pain in the butt to cook in other homes and bring it to my sister's home so I could be there with everyone, but I did enjoy the family and friends both nights and the laughter, fun and music.

I cannot be anywhere where people have fried or baked anything with gluten.  I'm also allergic to nuts, soy, eggs and corn.  Not to mention the mystery illness.  (See I SEE GISTS - Many, Many GISTS)

cinnamon buns

muffins for breakfast

muffins and rolls

muffins, rolls, scrambled eggs, cheeses and salamis

potato and egg dish

breakfast table Christmas morning

scrambled eggs and cinnamon buns

Not only can't I eat gluten, I can't even smell it.  (See That Doesn't LOOK Gluten Free)  Christmas morning breakfast is always served before opening presents.  I can't eat a thing.  In fact, my daughter had to make the cinnamon buns at a different house and then bring them over.

All in all, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were successful.  I managed not to have any attacks and not to be sick (though I was sick just before).  (See Family, Friends, Food And Fun!)

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