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How To Leave A Comment On This Blog, How To Share This Blog

A friend brought to my attention that she left a lot of comments, but saw nothing.  I informed her, I wasn't seeing any comments to approve!

We realized, she was clicking on a link in Facebook and trying to leave a comment, but she was not signed into Google.  Blogger is attached to Google.  You must be signed into a Google account.

How To Leave A Comment On This Blog:

Go to the very bottom of the post.  In the shadowed box at the end of the post, click on No comments (highlighted above in yellow) if there are no comments yet.  Leave your comment.  It will appear once it is approved.

If comments have already been left, just go to add comment and add yours as long as you are signed into Google.  It will appear once it is approved. 

How To Share A Blog Post And Sign Up Via Email:

Please feel free to share my blog on social media. You can easily share by clicking on the buttons (underlined in yellow above).

Don't forget to subscribe via email.  On the sidebar you will see the follow by email section.

Thank you.  I hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. As a former first responder, everything must be transcribed word for word for clarity, because someone sitting down to that same incident must be able to read and understand everything. Now all the 911 calls are recorded. Its a good thing

  2. I was getting a bit despondent because no-one comments on my blog, maybe this is why. Do you know how to get around this, having to be signed into google to comment?

    1. I'm not sure myself. I'm still trying to figure it out. If I do, I will be sure to post it here.