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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hampton Classic 2017

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Every year the Hamptons on Long Island hosts one of the largest and most prestigious horse shows in the United States - The Hampton Classic.  

Funny Story:  Someone on a message board, supposedly an educated woman, so she claimed, who claimed to be in the medical field, working as a nurse, once attempted to insult me and Long Island and referred to The Hampton Classic as "some horse show."  I couldn't stop laughing. That's like calling the Superbowl, "some football game."  Really?  Oh, the ignorance.  

For the record, I was very amused, but absolutely not the least bit insulted!  Ignorance and humor like that sticks with you and it's too good not to share so everyone can enjoy a good laugh! 

my daughter

I'm very proud to say, my daughter is involved in equestrian.  My beautiful, talented daughter is pictured above! Doesn't she look perfect? 

She has always loved horses from a very small child. She took lessons when she was very little, in elementary school, that she won!!!! When the free lessons were over, unfortunately, I couldn't afford to continue, however, she found a way eventually. Her sport of choice was equestrian when she went to college, a very dignified and difficult sport! (See A Single Parent Lesson)

My kids have always been ambitious and responsible.  They both started working at age 14 at McDonalds and have been working ever since.  Of course, back then it was part time and remained that way all through college.  However, with her part-time job, she paid for her equestrian lessons!  

picture I took at the stable
She is doing amazing and I know one day her dream will come true and she will own a horse of her own. No parent could be more proud. My husband (her stepdad) and I are very proud as is the rest of the family. 

I was supposed to go to a lesson two weeks ago but I was in the hospital and sick for a week, so I went this past Saturday! She was so impressive.  She handles the horses excellent and rides great. She's a talented photographer, hard worker and great at equestrian!

I thank God her interest is equestrian and that she's not out on the streets getting into trouble or worse!!!!!  Long Island has a huge heroin problem these days and so many young people have died. It's not hitting just "bad neighborhoods" or "bad kids" anymore.  It's hitting everywhere and everyone.
me sitting in the judge's area
Of course, in order for me to be with her and cheer her on, I must take precautions that others don't have to.  I had to wear a mask so as not to have an allergy/asthma attack.  I couldn't sit in certain areas.  The coach actually let me sit in the judge's area. No dust was blowing that way and it was far enough away from where she was riding.  

the horse has a black net over it's face
Yes, I got some strange looks from some young kids.  Some adults as well.  Other adults got it and even commented and we joked around.  In fact, the horse my daughter was riding has bad allergies and has to wear something over it's head!  It was wearing a black mesh over it's eyes and face. 

I didn't care if I "looked silly."  That doesn't bother me at all.  I was there to encourage and cheer on my daughter, and if I had to wear a suit of armor to do it, I would have!  The way I see if, who doesn't like it, will just have to get over it.  

The sport, unlike hockey, tennis, ice skating, or basketball involves a living animal, with a brain, who can decide to do its own thing at any given moment.  In my opinion, that makes it much more difficult and demanding.  No matter how well an animal is trained or how skillful a handler is, you can never completely control another living thing.  

Sadly, some ignorant people don't consider equestrian a "real sport."  It is actually an olympic event. People come from the world over to see The Hampton Classic.  It attracts not only the rich and famous to Long Island but also local New Yorkers, from the wealthy to the middle class.  

CLICK VIDEO - National Velvet - a great movie starring superstars!

Some people tend to make fun of it.  It could be due to ignorance, jealousy or both.  Equestrian is a very real, dignified, expensive, prestigious sport.  Making absurd comments about how someone looks when participating only shows the immaturity and ignorance of the speaker and says much more (negatively) about them than it does about the person pursuing their interest and going for their dream!  Any parent would be proud!  I sure am! 

To follow my story: (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)


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