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Saturday, September 30, 2017

When It Just Becomes Ignorant and Nosey UPDATE

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To follow my story: (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)

I had to bring my Chiweenie to the vet. (See My Morkie Saved Us From...)  Normally, hubby would come with me and we'd take our Morkie along for the ride too.  However, he still wasn't feeling well.  (See The Man Flu and How It Could Affect Me!)

Because hubby was not up to par, I took my Chiweenie, Lucy, on my own.  The last time I had been in the car was to drive hubby to the doctor's office which was about 15 to 20 minutes away and then to pick up his prescriptions.  We tried to get in to see our own doctor right in our town, but they were too booked, short on staff and closing early, so we went to where my niece works.  She's a Physician's Assistant.

By the time we were seen, made the drive to and from and stopped for the prescriptions, hubby just wasn't into stopping for gas.  I took him home.

I was practically on empty when I put the dog in the car to go to the vet, so I had no choice but to stop for gas.  Well, my second choice could have been to push the van, but, I opted to stop.  I stopped on a busy road, late afternoon, and if you know Long Island, you know there's CROWDS.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day.  It was sunny but cool.  I didn't use the air conditioner in the car, instead I had the vent on and the widows rolled down about half way.  Normally, I don't pump gas.  I certainly know how to, I simply choose not to.  However, I NEEDED gas and also wanted to be on time for the appointment, so I pulled into a self-serve station.  The dog was harnessed in the car, she couldn't go anywhere.  I left the windows open and specifically chose a shady spot.

My card wouldn't work at the pump. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!   I had to run into the service station.  I was about 10 feet from the door, my car doors were locked, it was cool out, the widows were down about half way and there was no line at the register.  The whole event literally took me three minutes.

I approached my car to pump my gas and that's when ignorant and nosey started.  Ignorant/nosey woman, "You know, you shouldn't leave a dog in a car."  Me, annoyed, "Thank you, but, really, she is fine. Ignorant/nosey woman, "Dogs die in cars."  Me, more annoyed, "I realize that, thank you." Ignorant/nosey woman, "Obviously, you don't give a shit."  Me, pissed off, "Listen lady, mind your business, my dog is fine."  Ignorant/nosey woman, "I should call the police! I should video tape this and take pictures."  Me, laughing, "You do that."  Ignorant/nosey woman, "Wait here."  Me, literally laughing louder, "Seriously, lady?  Listen, write down my license plate, I'm heading to the vet, tell the big bad police, who I'm sure have NOTHING else to do but deal with your NONSENSE, to meet me there."  Ignorant/nosey/insane woman, "I said stay here."  Me, with a look of shock on my face, "Who the hell do you think you are?  You seriously believe you can give me an order?"   This was getting ugly real fast.  I was seriously NOT in the mood for bullcrap.  My anxiety was kicking in full swing.

I reached into my car, grabbed my phone out of my pocketbook and told the woman I WAS calling police to report harassment.  I wasn't playing either.  At that point, a man got involved.  He told me to calm down.  At first I got pissed at him.  Then he told the lady she was being absurd, he'd seen the whole thing, her trying to delay me was keeping the dog in the car longer (which is what she was concerned about) and the dog was fine.

Ignorant/nosey/crazy woman starts arguing with the man.  I thank him, get into my car and drive off with psycho woman screaming and trying to wave me down.

Lucy at the vet.  She was in my lap, nervous.  Other than that, she was absolutely fine.

My dog was doing great.  No police showed up to haul me off while I was at the vet.  The car wasn't even slightly warm when I got back into it.  The only issue the vet found with my dog was that she had an ear infection, which is being treated.  Other than that, she's healthy, a good weight, cared for, loved and happy and absolutely NOT in any type of distress, other than being afraid because she was at the vet, which is normal.

There is a point when people should step in, agreed.  Then there's plain stupidity.  My sister and her husband had their dog with them years ago.  They needed to stop somewhere quickly.  They left the dog in the car, WITH THE CAR RUNNING AND THE AIR CONDITIONER ON.  The car was locked and they could see the car from where they were.  They both had to go inside, for whatever reason.  Some lady started giving them a hard time.  They nicely explained they weren't going to be more than ten minutes and the car was running with the air conditioner on.  Why do we need to explain ourselves to strangers butting in?????? (See She Will Never Get Better)

UPDATE:  I came across this today, 10/2/17 and it's the PERFECT example of why people shouldn't jump to conclusions!  (See Mother Shamed for Putting Baby on Floor at Airport)  Doing something like this, snapping an innocent woman's picture and putting out publicly, calling her names, judging her, WITHOUT any information, only your imagination, is not only WRONG, but also dangerous.  This woman could be in jeopardy, her child could be, her job could be, all because there are people out there who will jump to conclusions and/or there are crazies out there who will do horrible things simply because they THINK they are justified and THINK the woman is a bad mother.

Years ago, my son hid from me at Christmas time in a very crowded store, Costco to be exact.  I let go of his hand for a minute, picked up a shirt, looked at it, put it back and bam, he was gone.  Of course, the first thing I did was look under the racks.  That's where kids love to play most often.  He wasn't there. I'm calling his name, no answer.  I'm getting nervous.  It felt like days, but was really maybe five minutes.  I'm calling him and looking all over.  Suddenly, he pops out, from under the rack, which had a bar in the middle that was raised up and he was standing on, and yells, "surprise."  I smacked him on his butt and was talking firmly to him.  Now, trust me, I did NOT abuse my kid, not by a longshot.  Whether you agree with spanking or not, it is NOT the issue.  The issue is ABUSE, and he was far from abused.

A man, who hadn't seen the entire incident, yells out in a bellowing voice, "That's child abuse!"  I think he thought he was going to embarrass me.  WRONG.  He was the one who wound up embarrassed.  I screamed at this man and literally chased him out of the store.  He refused to look back at me,  He started walking very fast, with me carrying my son, following him and screaming at him to mind his own damn business.  The man couldn't get out of that store fast enough.  I doubt he'll yell out false accusations in stores again without wondering exactly who he's messing with.

I don't get embarrassed, his method wasn't going to work.  I certainly was not abusing my child.  I don't take orders, so the woman ordering me to stay put was just whacked out of her mind if she thought that was going to work.  I don't take well to ultimatums, someone tried that once and I certainly don't do well with threats.  I won't be intimidated, that's for sure.

IF real abuse, keyword REAL, is taking place, I'm all for stepping up and reporting it.  However, in this day and age, I find too many people are simply ignorant and nosey.  They jump on the bandwagon, however, they are just doing the "politically correct" thing without looking at the REAL facts and using common sense.

People ABUSE the whole abuse thing.  Today, people want to report others to CPS not for true abuse, but for having a different lifestyle or parenting opinion.  Living a nudist lifestyle is NOT abusive, being a vegetarian is NOT abusive, telling your kids there's a Santa Claus is NOT abusive and will NOT cause them to distrust you for life or require therapy for ten years, spanking is NOT abusive, allowing your 13-year-old to go to the mall with friends is NOT neglectful.

Trust me, you have NO CLUE how you would handle a suspect so stop criticizing the police from your kitchen table while reading incorrect media reports of the whole situation. (See No 911 Existed Yet For Kitty - How The Media Twists, Lies, Exaggerates)  Stop blaming everyone else and start taking a good, hard look at your own life and behaviour!  (See Too Many People Play These Games I Hate)

People are so eager to blame these days that it's ridiculous.  EVERYTHING is someone else's fault.  Whether you are for Trump or against him, it's really crazy the things one reads.  They blame him for EVERYTHING.  According to some, their mother met their father because of Trump!!!!!  Absurd.

YOU don't get to decide who is and isn't handicapped or disabled.  There's a LONG drawn out process for that and YOU are not a part of it.  (See 10 Signs It's Not A "Real" Disability!!!!! TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH!)  YOU don't get to decide why someone weighs what they do.  (See You're Fat! Nannie Nannie Poo Poo)

Don't judge a book by its cover.  Get the facts.  (See That Doesn't LOOK Gluten Free)

Here's my take on it all:
  • Very often, those criticising are ignorant to your specific situation.
  • It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.  Everyone has the answer from the safety of their living room couch or while hiding behind their computer.
  • People without children always make the perfect parents.  
  • If it's not illegal, if it's not intentionally hurting anyone, then why is anyone concerned about that which does not involve or affect them? 
  • If you decide you don't like something, don't be around it, read it or watch it. 
  • When you say you know exactly what you would do in a situation, just remember, I'm calling BULL on that!!!!!!!!!
  • No one knows exactly what they would do, so don't spew to the world what you THINK you MIGHT do in a certain situation.
  • Never say never... because one day, you may find yourself in the very same boat and guess what, suddenly, you are doing the exact thing you swore you would never do.  
  • You have to walk a mile in another man's shoes before you understand.
  • A little information is dangerous.

My motto:  I DON'T CARE what you think, how you would do it, what you think I should do, say, shouldn't do, shouldn't say, how I should use social media, what I should put out there, etc. etc.  

Just because you don't agree with something, are ignorant about something, are afraid of something or all of the above, does NOT mean you can harass people, you can threaten people, you can waste the time of the authorities who need to spend their precious time helping those who REALLY  need it or you act like a complete lunatic in public.  All it means is your sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Children and dogs shouldn't be left in HOT cars, agreed.  However, I see dogs in cars daily, and I see people do exactly what I did, and the dogs are just fine.  If it were 90 degrees out, I would have left the air conditioner on, locked the doors and gone inside, then turned the car off, and pumped my gas.  It would have remained cool for the short time it took me to gas up.

People don't use common sense. They are blinded.  They hear that you shouldn't leave dogs or kids in cars and that's ALL they hear and they take it to the extreme.  Harassing innocent people in gas stations is not ok.  Making false accusations against them and threatening to call authorities is not ok.  Essentially, it's the equivalent of filing a FALSE police report, which could get the filer into trouble.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, before you attempt to be a "hero", STOP, THINK, GET THE REAL FACTS, EVALUATE THE SITUATION.  If there is REAL abuse or REAL wrongdoing, by all means, contact the authorities.  However, please, don't turn yourself into an ignorant, nosey pain in the butt who is convinced you are a superhero and will make the news and gain praise worldwide!  Please don't decide to film someone for no reason, don't threaten people, don't order people around.  The one hauled off could be YOU!

If there's a nut out there, they find me.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  (See Me, My Highfalutin Car And The ENT.)


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Friday, September 29, 2017

My Morkie Saved Us From...

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To follow my story: (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)

Since yesterday morning, my Morkie, Lexxi, has been acting funny. I always pay attention to my dogs, especially when their behavior changes. Very often, dogs are warning people about something. (See Max And Golden Lady)
  • A dog alerted a family that their baby stopped breathing. (Rescue Dog Saves Baby)
  • Dogs have saved animals' lives. (Dog Saves Dear)
  • They've saved families from fires. (Dog Saves Family)  Years ago, my friend's dog saved her family from a fire by warning them of wires smoldering in their wall.  
  • Dogs can warn of diabetes complications, epilepsy seizures, and more.  (Girl Gets Dog)
  • While some are still skeptical, others truly believe dogs can detect cancer!  (Can dogs sniff out Cancer?)
  • A dog warned a family about an abusive babysitter.  (Abusive sitter)
  • Of course we all know dogs also do police work, are in the Armed Forces, do search and rescue, and more.
Lexxi on the couch looking out the living room window watching people in the yard.

When Lexxi wants to alert us of something, she will look at one of us and give a low, long growl-like cry.  It's not vicious, it's not loud, it's just a kind of ongoing, "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," pay attention to me sound.  Most often, she wants dinner.  Once in a while, the water bowl went dry.  Sometimes, she wants to go out into the yard or for a walk.  It's fairly easy to figure her out.

Lexxi did this several times yesterday.  Hmmmmm.  Lexxi, dear, what's up with you, I wondered. Every so often, she gets hungry during the day and I will give her a little snack - meaning a small amount of dry food.  I did that. The dogs eat in the hallway between the kitchen and living room.  She waited there for her snack as usual.   A bit later, the growling continued.  Very strange.  

Lexxi all comfy

At this point, I started  talking to the dog.  Come on dog owners, you know you have done it too!  "Lexxi, what's the matter, honey?  What? What do you want?"  No, I didn't expect an answer, but maybe she'd SHOW me.  She kept looking toward the kitchen.  I don't speak dog, hence, I said to her, "Fatty, you had your snack, enough."  She settled down.

My Chiweenie and my Morkie

After her dinner, she started up again.  I checked the water bowl (it's in the back of the kitchen next to the kitchen table) even though I swore I had given them fresh water (I also have a Chiweenie), I looked all around, I saw nothing.  She didn't want to go out.  Now I started wondering if the dog was in pain or uncomfortable?  I happen to have a vet appointment for Lucy, the Chiweenie, on Friday.  I'll mention it to Dr. B. (which is what all her clients call her at her request).  

At 3:00 a.m. Lexxi woke me with the growling sound again.  Ok, this is VERY STRANGE.  This dog sleeps through the night always.  What the hell is going on?  

Hubby has been sick, he's been staying on the couch being he can't sleep and he has a bad cough.  That way, he won't bother me and if he can't sleep, he can watch tv. turn on a light to read, etc.  (See The Man Flu and How It Could Affect Me!)  Also, we are hoping I won't get sick!

I thought maybe she was alerting me of something wrong with him.  I stood over my sleeping husband watching him to see if he was breathing ok.  Luckily he didn't wake, he would have thought I was nuts. He looked fine.  

I went back to bed.  She did it again.  Ok, then I became concerned.  It was 3:15 a.m. and I was walking around my apartment, looking out windows, turning on the bright motion (security) lights, turning on regular outdoor lights, peeking out all my windows in every room.  Nothing.  

Normally, if anyone or anything (such as an animal) had been prowling around, the lights would be on and  BOTH dogs would be going crazy and barking those deep warning barks.  But, I checked anyway.

One of the pantries in the garage 

I started wondering if I should go check my parents' side of the house.  Is something going on there?  There's a garage between us.  I went out into the garage and listened and sniffed by their door.  The two dogs in there were quiet.  I figured if there was a problem, they'd be making noise.  I decided against entering, I didn't want to mess with disarming alarms and making dogs bark.  

Now I started walking around sniffing my apartment.  Was something smoldering maybe?  I started feeling wall outlets.  The dog kept looking towards the kitchen so I started feeling behind the refrigerator to see if maybe that's the problem.  I listened to the refrigerator, is something wrong with it?  Is it making a different sound?  No outlets felt hot (that could be the start of an electrical fire).  Nothing smelled different.  I even opened the laundry room door and checked in there.  Everything seemed fine.  My last resort was to check the bathroom.  Nothing was wrong there either. 

Lucy, my Chiweenie

By this point, Lucy was annoyed at all of this nonsense.  She walked around following me, very sleepy with this WTF look on her face.  She was not barking, she was  not perturbed in any way, she was just tired.  

I tried calling Lexxi up on my bed.  I thought maybe if I pet her she would go to sleep.  She hopped up the doggie steps onto the bed, I cuddled up with her, Lucy was at my feet and I figured we would all go to sleep.  Not so.  Lexxi stood up on the bed and growled, spun in circles and stared me down.  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

Now I got nervous. My anxiety was kicking in full swing. (See What Is Gephyrophobia?)  What did this dog know that no one else knew?  She didn't look sick or in pain, so I didn't think it was really anything with her.  Was a storm coming? When I looked up the weather it said nothing other than a bit of rain.  Could something be wrong with the power lines outside near the house?  That happened once many years ago and the dogs we had back then kept barking at the wires.  My mom called the power company.  They came to check it out and sure enough, something was wrong.  When three dogs start barking nonstop at wires in the yard and they've never done it before, you pay attention.  

Lexxi jumped off the bed.  I put my slippers back on and followed her.  Again, she was staring into the kitchen.  Again, I walked all around the kitchen.  NOTHING looks out of place, I didn't see, smell or hear anything.  

I then realize that Lexxi wouldn't come into the kitchen.  I mean, I was woken up from a dead sleep, I wasn't functioning too well.  I called her, trying to persuade her to come into the kitchen and she looked at me, crouched, spun in a circle, growled and then gave a low, short bark.  I was perplexed.  I was bleary-eyed, annoyed, confused and really tired.  I looked around one more time.  Then I saw it.  

Yesterday was a bad day.  My stomach issues were horrific.  I couldn't leave the house. I cancelled my plans to run to the supermarket.  I didn't even go in mom's house at all last night to say hello.  

Late yesterday morning, I swept up some cereal that spilled.  Being I was feeling so lousy, including weak, I left the broom next to the garbage in the kitchen rather than put it away in the laundry room.  I just plopped it there and ran into the bathroom in a hurry and never bothered to put it away. The garbage is at the end of the hallway leading from the living room into the kitchen.  

I looked at the broom.  I looked at Lexxi.  I glanced at the clock on the microwave.  It was 3:45 a.m.  I called Lexxi again.  She refused to come into the kitchen.  

Lexxi looking cute one afternoon

I went over to where Lexxi was standing in the hallway between the living room and the kitchen.  Even though my blinds were closed, light from the street lamp came in a bit.  I realized that light was making a shadow from the broom.  THE DAMN DOG WAS SCARED OF THE SHADOW FROM THE BROOM.  Apparently, she was afraid all day, as it must have been making different shadows all day long since my blinds were open and the sun was shining in. 

I'm glad someone got a good sleep!

I moved the broom to the laundry room.  Lexxi ran into the kitchen immediately and took a long drink of water.  The dog was thirsty and terrified of the shadows from the broom.  After that, she went to sleep and stayed asleep until 8:00 a.m. this morning! 

I'm happy to report, my Morkie saved us from the broom and it's menacing shadows! 

To follow my story: (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)


September is National Food Safety Month - Visit these websites for more information:  Fight Bac! and Healthy Meals Resource Team  THERE ARE MANY LINKS ON THESE SITES WITH EXCELLENT INFORMATION!
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