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Friday, August 4, 2017

You're Fat! Nannie Nannie Poo Poo

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The first thing most people will say to someone who is overweight, if they become perturbed with them for any reason is, "you're fat."  They, obviously, can't discuss the topic intelligently, so they resort to "insults". 

I was fat, I knew it.  My husband was fat, he knew it.  Why were we fat?  Not for the reasons people imagined. 


Neither of us were bothered by the attempted insult.  Both found it rather funny, yet sad at the same time.  Funny because, well, gee, thanks Mr./Mrs. Obvious. Very observant and original aren't ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sad because, wow, that's all you have, that's it????    

Here's some inside info.  Almost EVERYONE told us we were fat, for various reasons.  
  • Employees were perturbed because they made a mistake and were corrected, which made me a fat bitch! HE HE. No, they didn't say it directly to me, but to other employees. I either overheard or was told! No, I wasn't nasty to them, I was nice and professional.  But I was fat and they were wrong and didn't like... hence, I was a fat, bitch!!!!!
Apparently, a debate on spanking made me a fat, stupid, unfit mother!  HE HE  It always seemed to me that people thought their opinion was somehow more valid if they threw in the word FAT.
  • I had a difference of opinion on a topic.  Because most people have no debating skills whatsoever, due to their frustration, rather than discuss the topic, they resort to attempting to insult. I think they thought I'd run away crying and they would "win."  Nope. I was far from a fat, stupid, unfit mother.  I'll give em, fat, but that's it! 
  • I backed out of a parking spot, someone walked behind me as I was backing out, I jammed on my brakes, got out to see if they were ok, and I was called a fat, blind bitch.  Seriously?  You walked behind a moving vehicle!  

Disclaimer - I looked behind, right, left, behind again, right, left again.  You can only look in one direction at a time.  I was backing out slowly and was halfway out of my spot.  Obviously, as I was looking right or left, she walked behind my MOVING VEHICLE.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when I see any vehicle in motion, regardless of whether I believe I have the right of way, I STOP.  Getting hit could KILL, I'll wait, thank you very much.  

  • If I made a mistake, I was a stupid, fat, moron
You get the idea.

A lot of society thinks it's ok to call people fat.  In fact, the very people who get up in arms over the word retard, will use the word fat.  Hypocritical to say the least.  

I've been told we shouldn't use the word retard, after all, it's an insult to anyone with a child with issues, even a child that is not retarded, but instead has another disability.

Fat girl running - visit link
Why then is it ok to call someone fat?   Isn't that an insult to everyone who is overweight or even anyone who may one day become overweight!  I mean, using that logic!  HE HE 

Someone once wrote on a message board, directed at me, "she will probably claim it's a thyroid issue."  WELL.... it's the ONLY thing they ever wrote that was correct!!! It actually IS a thyroid issue, only, I didn't know it at the time.

I have something called Hashimotos.  I had it for years, undiagnosed.  The person had great insight, kudos to her for recognizing it and writing it to me!  (See Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease)

Many people simply assume, in all their ignorance, that people gain weight and it's all their own fault. In reality, many people have medical issues and that includes emotional issues. That's their reason for gaining.

For some, food is their drug of choice. It's a disease, the same as any addiction is a disease.  People are on the verge of killing themselves with alcohol or drugs all the time.  Society is sympathetic and understands they need help.  

But if a person is addicted to food, it seems acceptable to blame them, make fun of them and even attempt to insult them, sometimes right to their face.  How strange.  And this from so many who claim to be educated, caring, religious people.

I have never suffered with any type of addiction, but I do understand it.  I do believe that some food addiction is due to a biochemical cause and some is due to physical and/or mental abuse, neglect and the like.

I personally have always liked me through the years and still do.  I like who I am, what I believe in and know I'm a good person.  I liked me fat, I liked me thin, because I was always the same person, regardless of the number on the scale. 

I have plenty of friends and family who like me too!  I have friends from when I'm 8 years old and made new friends along the way.  I have close family.  None of these people care about the number the scale shows, they care about ME.  

Now that I'm on the proper medication, have an accurate diagnosis and am seeing a new nutritionist who specializes in this ailment, I'm able to lose weight and keep it off!  (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

I'm down over 50lbs and have a goal in mind.  I'm working hard to reach that goal.  It was near impossible without having a proper diagnosis and a nutritionist who understood that diagnosis. 


Anytime anyone has called me fat, be it in person or in writing, I got an image in my head of a 5-year-old with their thumbs in their ears, sticking out their tongue screaming "nannie, nannie poo poo you're fat, you're fat, nannie, nannie poo poo".  It just cracks me up every time.  

I mean, come on, adults acting like 5-year-olds would crack anyone up!  

I've always been confident.  But not everyone is.  Some are crushed by the word.  Some are very self-conscious about their weight. That must be what people were counting on when they attempted to insult me, only it never worked.  

I was even accused of shoving boxes of  Twinkies down my throat.  That was a complete figment of their imagination.  The fact is, I never even tasted a Twinkie, yuck, and I'm far from a junk food eater. 

I've always been a vegetable lover.  As a preschooler my favorite vegetables were spinach and brussels sprouts.  Yes, you read that correctly.  What kid eats spinach and brussels sprouts? This kid did.  (See Organic, Gluten Free Chicken, Beef, Vegetable Soup In The Crockpot)

I actually burst out laughing at a woman once which sent her into a fit of rage.  She kept screaming every "insult" she could think of as I walked away in a fit of giggles.  

All because I didn't realize she was on a line at the supermarket.  I apologized and stepped back but she went into a tailspin over it and told me I was inconsiderate, fat and oblivious.  

Someone was having a REALLY BAD day!  I was still giggling as I got to my car.  WOW!  She totally impressed me with her superior observation skills and amazing originality!!!!!! HE HE 

Calling me fat was a waste of time.  I KNOW I was fat.  I have mirrors.  I'm not delusional.  

Very often, those calling me fat should have taken a look in the mirror themselves.  They too were fat!!!!  Amazing.  

The way I see it, I was a better person fat than many were thin!  I'm much thinner now and I'm still a good person.  I will always be a good person, no matter what number pops up when I'm weighed! 

Besides, I have much more important things on my mind.  I don't have time to worry about other people's insecurities and attempts at making themselves feel better by attempting to degrade others! (See The Stunning Results of the Endoscopy!)

When you see someone who is "fat", don't make assumptions.  Get the FACTS.  Don't attempt to insult someone, when they don't deserve it, simply because you are insecure, incapable, angry at yourself or have a wild imagination.  (See Should We Judge? Do We Need To Be Perfect?)

There may be a serious medical reason behind why someone is "fat" that you know nothing about.  In fact, they may not even realize it themselves!  It could take a long time for a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment to start.

August is National Breastfeeding Month. This year's National Breastfeeding Month Theme -- Charting the Course Together -- will focus on how we can use... Read More  Some say breastfeeding helps avoid allergy/immunology issues later in life and helps control weight for a lifetime and much more!  
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