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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Stunning Results of the Endoscopy!

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To follow my story: (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)

The doctor called the other day.  After my crazy ordeal, I was hoping for good news!  (See You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!)  The results of my endoscopy were a bit stunning!

I thought this doctor was on the right track.  Maybe, just maybe, she would be the one to figure out the mystery.  (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

Now... I'm not blaming the doctor by any means.  She's wonderful.  (See My Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor March 31, 2017)  I really thought she was going to be the one to figure this mess out or at least I had a lot of hope she was.

Most people hope for negative results with most medical tests.  We were all hoping for positive.  I know that sounds crazy, but, if the results were positive, we would have solved the mystery of IT and started treatment.

When the doctor called the other day she gave me stunning results. NEGATIVE  

My heart sank, I got very upset and extremely anxious, but at least now I recognize anxiety. (See The Summer of '77 - Oh The Anxiety)

Now what?  Where do we go, how do we figure this nonsense out?

I wanted to scream from the rooftops, "PLEASE, SOMEONE, ANYONE, HELP ME!".  I didn't.  I'm terrified of heights.  (See What Is Gephyrophobia?)

I asked the doctor what we would do now. She too was stunned.  She is also perplexed.  The treatment she wanted to try, if we got a positive biopsy result, was not a guarantee to begin with.  It was an ATTEMPT.  I knew that from day one. Now... with a negative, my insurance carrier has refused to pay for that treatment.  She wanted to at least TRY it, even though we got a negative.

It was going to be a fight with the insurance carrier (not just mine, ALL) to get it covered with a positive result.  It's a very expensive treatment and it's not guaranteed.  With a negative result, it's impossible.

People will argue, I've seen insurance pay for something experimental or very expensive.  True.  The key here is, NO DIAGNOSIS.  I used to write appeals daily.  I know how to get coverage, even for expensive or experimental/trials, etc.  However, every time I did it, there was a diagnosis.  I have no diagnosis.

Funny Story:  I once wrote on my old blog that I used to write appeals.  Someone saw it, took my post to a message board then wrote "proof or it didn't happen."  HE HE  I couldn't stop laughing.  I have no desire or requirement to prove anything to anyone.  I suppose if I don't present my birth certificate, I wasn't really born!!!!!!  

I know this, I worked in many aspects of the insurance field for many years. I'm still working on a series of posts regarding insurance - stay tuned and come back soon!

I simply want to be NORMAL AGAIN.  I want to live normally, do normal things, stay out of the Emergency Rooms, the hospitals, be able to work, be able to eat, be able to go to a restaurant without jumping through hoops, etc.  (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places? and I Can't Go!!! Mom's Meatballs!!!)

I went through two medical procedures and waited for results of two biopsies (See Today Is The Day and... YAY, I Can Go! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!)  It feels like it was all for nothing.

So... where do we turn?  Well, the doctor wants me to try a nasal spray.  No... it's not that easy.  I wish it were. This is an over-the-counter medication that happens to have the same ingredients as a prescription pill she wants to TRY.  She's not sure if the pill will help.  Remember, this has not been diagnosed.  It's still a mystery.

She wants me to try a small spray to see how my body reacts.  I bought it a few days ago.  I have not tried it yet.  Why not?  FEAR.  Yes, I'm terrified.  (See 10 Reasons Why I'm Terrified To Eat!)  I'm terrified of putting anything into my body as I have problems with food, medications, even smells.

I need to wait for a "good time" to try it.  When I can be around my niece, a Physician's Assistant, who can stay calm and use the EPIPen if necessary.  (See Lower-Cost Generic for EPIpen)

Plus, I was in an uproar with my bathroom, so adding an attack of IT on top of all that if the nasal spray didn't agree with me, would have just been a disaster. Come back soon for a post on the bathroom fiasco! 

I'm not being a big baby.  Although one could argue I AM eating baby food and drinking formula!  (See Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....)

I'm not whining, I'm not complaining.  I'm just giving the facts.  Sure it gets me down at times.  Yes, I have terrible anxiety.  Yes, everything I do is a project, stressful and basically a real pain in the butt for me and anyone around me because I can't do anything normally, including dealing with the bathroom fiasco!

I will try the nose spray soon.  I had my cry, now I'm back to fighting this nonsense.  IT won't win if I have anything to say about it. I'll fight till the end.

Nothing in life is easy, but I'm up for the challenge.  I handled other challenges and the end result was good.  I am staying strong and staying positive.  (See A Single Parent Lesson)

The stunning results of the endoscopy can't beat me.  We all have our time to mourn and then we bounce back.  I'm back stronger than ever.  I'm remembering the pros and am thankful for that aspect. (See Pros And Cons)

To follow my story: (See Someone Asked Me Today How I Deal With...)

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