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Friday, August 11, 2017

Horrific Football Tragedy

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Long Island is shocked.

A terrible football tragedy took place on Long Island yesterday.  We found out about it as it was happening as all the students were messaging one another.  Such heartache.
All the local news media is running the story today including the main paper and tv news stations.

A fundraiser was started immediately.  If anyone would like to contribute, please feel free, every little bit helps.

 Click here to donate

My heart breaks for this life lost way too soon, his family, his friends and the future he could have had.  It seems so senseless.  Young lives cut short for such senseless reasons makes it so much more shocking and heartbreaking. (See The Summer of '77 - Oh The Anxiety)

When you think things are going a bit rough, when you think you got the worst news, remember, there are those out there who did get truly shocking, devastating news.  (See The Stunning Results of the Endoscopy!)

If you ever feel like people are being mean or you aren't good enough, keep in mind, life is too short to worry about what others may or may not think.  Be confident, happy and trust yourself and NEVER care what anyone else thinks.  What makes them so important?   (See You're Fat! Nannie Nannie Poo Poo)

When you are exhausted, remember, you are lucky.  Lucky enough to have that which caused your exhaustion!  (See A Single Parent Lesson)

Please keep this family in your thoughts through this difficult time and thank you for any contribution you may be able to make.  Every dollar counts!!!!!
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  1. That is really sad to hear and that's a nice gesture of donation..Hats off :)

    1. It is seo sad. The community is really coming together to help.