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Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Thought I Was Alone, I Was Wrong. I'm Lucky I Survived!

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I decided to take a dip in the pool.  Now... a little about where I live.  I live in an apartment attached to my parents' house.  It was built in 1982 for my maternal grandparents, now both deceased. (See But It's JUST... - Part 1 of Series)

A little history on my parents' house.  It's like the United Nations.  It always was and always will be. Anyone can walk through the door at any moment.(See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)

I do not believe I have ever in my life been in the pool completely alone!  The chances of that happening at this house are the same as winning  the Mega Millions Jackpot!  (See Willy Wonka! That's Not Me...)

Yet today, I found myself alone.  My kids were working, my niece and nephew were working and for some odd reason my teen niece and nephew didn't show up with a gang of friends!  WOW.   My husband didn't even feel like coming out just to sit and chat while I went for a swim

My sister is known to show up on her days off with a group of friends.  On weekends, forget it, we are like a resort.

But today, a miracle took place.  And so... I had the pool to myself.   Or so I thought.


I got into the pool and decided to do some laps.  Now... you may be thinking actual laps.  Silly you.

I'm no Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps, trust me.  My laps consist of me keeping myself from drowning.  I go across the pool once to the deep end and once back to the shallow end.

After that 30 minute exertion, no the pool isn't the size of Lake Michigan, I just swim very slowly.  I attempted to do some of the exercises they taught my husband at Physical Therapy.  After regular physical therapy, he does aquatic therapy.  They allow me to sit in the pool area and watch.

I did scissors with my legs underwater, as many as I could. I held the side and kicked my legs underwater, I even did a sidestep across the pool!  Mind you, this sounds more impressive than it actually was.

Normally, the dogs just run around the yard when people are in the pool.  But not so today.  Not my Chiweenie!  She kept barking.  Then I realized, she was looking into the pool and barking.  What the hell.

She would not stop barking.  So much for my peaceful, relaxing time in the pool.  I planned to do a little aquatic therapy and then float around and enjoy the water.

Soon the dog was running back and forth on the coping, barking like crazy.  It was a different, funny, almost warning bark.  I became a bit alarmed.  Was someone prowling behind the fence after just emerging from the woods?  Our house backs up into woods.

Is something bad going on in a neighbor's yard?  After the fiasco of June 24th, who knows.  (See The Craziness of June 24th - Part 4 of Series)

But, if it was something from the woods or another yard, she would be running along the fenceline barking.  She was staring right into the pool.  The darn dog has lost her mind.  She's barking and semi-growling at water!  How do I wind up with all the crazy ones?

It was odd.  She's always in the yard by the pool and she never barks at water.  But she was relentless.

I froze in the pool and looked all around the yard.  I glanced down at the sparkling water and back up at the dog.  She's was now pointing, tail out straight, looking right into the pool.  She started growling a deep growl.

I glanced at the gate.  Maybe someone was behind it.  No, that makes no sense.  She's looking into the pool.

I scanned the pool.  I saw nothing but blue water.  I looked at the bottom to see if maybe there was a toy from the kids freaking her out.  I hadn't seen anything previously, but I looked anyway.  Nothing.

The dog started barking again and backing up from the pool.  Ok, I was officially freaked out.

I did one more scan of the pool and then I saw it.  I stood still.  Oh My God.

Then I started making my way to the stairs as fast as I could.

It was HUGE.  How did I miss it before.

I got out of the pool, breathing hard.  I looked back and it was swimming towards me.  I could have died.  I could have been strangled to death.  I could have had the life squeezed out of me!  I was lucky that dog warned me.

She ran to my side, still barking frantically.  I grabbed a towel and called both dogs to the downstairs patio.  What if it gets out of the pool and chases us?  I left all my stuff on the upstairs patio, how will I get it?

It was a python I tell you, a python!

I had the heebie jeebies.  Ewwwwww.  A SNAKE!  In the pool. I know they've found them before. We've found mice, squirrels, raccoons, toads, frogs and birds in the pool, but I never personally found them and I was never alone.  But... a python, this had to be a first.

I mean, I don't know how I didn't notice.  It was practically the length of the pool.

Luckily my parents arrived home shortly after I barely escaped with my life.  I told my dad of the horrors of the deep taking place in the yard.

I was terrified.  I told him, it's a python, a huge, green python!

Ok, maybe I'm a big chicken. According to dad, it was a garden snake.  I'm not sure though. I mean, he's no expert in snakes.  IT WAS HUGE I tell ya.

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Maybe it wasn't really as big as I thought. All I know is, I'm happy I made it out of that pool alive. I've been itchy and creeped out ever since.

This was all too much for me.  (See Oops, I Did It Again....)  What should have been a relaxing afternoon turned into a fight for my life.

Everywhere I go now, each room, I swear I see snakes.  I sit on the bowl and swear I'm going to be bit in the butt by a snake coming up through the plumbing, because you know, that happens all the time on Long Island.

The dog's ball rolled toward me and I screamed; it was the head of a huge snake.  The black sock in the washer was a boa constrictor!


My anxiety level is through the roof.  This isn't Snakes On A Plane, it's Snakes In An Apartment!

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