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Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Is Gephyrophobia?

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Gephyrophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges. Sufferers of this phobia experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. Their fear may result partly from the fear of enclosure (claustrophobia) or the fear of heights (acrophobia).

Fear of bridges.  Fear of heights.  Fear of enclosure.  I have all three and more.  I have terrible anxiety over several things. (See Snowstorm Anxiety When You Have Allergies, Asthma, Hashimotos, Cellulitis Issues)

I won't drive on any road where you must drive over 40 miles per hour. Yes... if I have to drive, I take the scenic route, back roads!  This is not an uncommon fear.  I am still very nervous if someone else is driving on a "fast" road, such as The Long Island Expressway!

When I met my husband seven years ago, he soon learned about my terrible anxiety and fears.  The funny part is, while he doesn't have my fear of driving on busy roads and highways, he shares my fear of driving over bridges!  We BOTH have gephyrophobia.


Now... there's a difference between a bridge and an overpass. While some refer to an overpass as a bridge, the bridges I'm referring to are large bridges, such as The George Washington.

I drive on an overpass, not happily, but I can manage it if I look straight ahead and not over the sides (I don't like heights, remember). However, if there's traffic and I get stuck on the overpass I get terrible anxiety.  That rarely happens because I drive during off hours.


I live on an Island.  The ONLY way off this Island is a bridge or a tunnel.  We mostly have bridges. (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)

I DO NOT DRIVE over bridges.  As I said, I don't drive on highways, which is the only way to get to a bridge.  Someone else must drive.  I'm still not a happy camper if we need to go over a bridge.  I make the driver take inside lanes.  I close my eyes.  I pray we can drive right over and not wind up stuck in traffic ON the bridge.

  • I get palpitations
  • I get stomach aches
  • I feel like puking
  • I get nervous all over
  • I shake
  • Basically, I PANIC.
  • I have difficulty paying attention, concentrating and seeing clearly (due to the fear)

Me behind the wheel would be dangerous to myself and anyone around me.  Someone else must do the driving, however...

Let's put it this way, I'm so NOT a joy to drive with even if I'm the passenger.  I have terrible anxiety in a vehicle.

The last bridge I had to cross was The George Washington Bridge.  My sister was behind the wheel. She made a mistake.  We crossed that F*cking bridge THREE times.

  • We crossed it once
  • My sister mistakenly got back onto the road leading BACK over the bridge, so we crossed it AGAIN.
  • Then we had to cross to get back to where we were supposed to be. 

I was having breathing issues by the time we finally were over it for the last time! Thankfully, we drove right over each time.  No traffic jams.  TIP FOR DRIVERS with someone with severe anxiety, it's best if you don't make mistakes. ha ha

CLICK VIDEO - No I didn't watch this, I just searched it and posted it.  I CAN'T watch it. 

How afraid am I of heights?  Well, watching a television show, a movie or a video that shows heights causes me to get severe anxiety and I have to look away.

Yes, I deal with kidney disease, lymphedema, allergies, immunology, Hashimotos, asthma, diabetes and a mystery illness. (See  Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease and My Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor March 31, 2017)

I also deal with mental issues such as anxiety, fear and panic.  FUN FUN FUN! (See What Is A Compounding Pharmacy And Do You Need One?)

I always believed in a holistic approach. (See Back To Basics - Organic Baby Food? The Holistic Approach)  I always ate healthy.  I was getting extremely anxious about why I kept gaining weight. (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

I was always a firm believer in the old saying.  (See The Old Saying Holds True)  It's impossible to follow though when you can't eat correctly!

Do you have gephyrophobia?  Do you have any other fears?  (See 5 Ways Dogs Help You Feel Better)

Please leave a comment on this blog post! Remember, you are not alone.  Let the ignorant make fun. Seek out those who understand you!  We can all help one another.

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