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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Old Saying Holds True

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The old saying "You are what you eat" definitely holds true!


The above video is entertaining, definitely interesting and a bit sad all wrapped into one presentation!

Americans.  How did we get to this point? (See Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 1 and Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 2)

Organic, Gluten Free Crockpot Lasagna

When I was advised to start eating all organic, I lost about 40 pounds, doing nothing else but eating organic!  (See Where Do I Shop For Organic, Gluten Free, And More...)  All the crap in our foods, genetically modifying our foods, preservatives, and other nasty ingredients not only make us fat, but damage our bodies.

When the women's movement hit, the advertisers and businesses jumped on it!  They wanted to make women's lives "easier" and so FAST FOOD was all the rage, be it fast food restaurants, pre-made frozen dishes or boxed foods.

CLICK VIDEO - Growing Up Italian 

The above video describes my grandparents' and parents' lives back in Brooklyn for the most part and a lot of my life as a kid! 

Years ago, back in Brooklyn, my grandparents bought fresh food and grew fresh food.  They went to the market and their chicken was butchered right there and handed to them fresh.  Each night, my Grandparents stopped to buy their dinner on their way home from work and it wasn't already cooked.

CLICK VIDEO - My First Attempt At Something Like This

Up until my generation, my family was 100% Italian.  I am 100% Italian.  My children and my siblings' children are not.  My children and my sister's children are in relationships with people who either have no Italian heritage or only some Italian in them!

Three of my grandparents spoke fluent Italian and English.  My dad and his sister and some of his cousins understood Italian but didn't speak fluently.  I only understand a few words.  I can curse at you, I can say horse and fly!  I guess I can say horsefly too!  Maybe.  Is it the same?  I don't know. (See Family, Friends, Food And Fun!)

Today, we pay a fortune for organic food, food the way it was originally grown years ago!  Amazing, isn't it.  We pay a fortune for pure water, the way water was before society polluted it!  Only in American?  Nope, it has happened worldwide, but I believe some places were spared and didn't do as much harm.

We are what we eat!  It's true.  Thankfully, we seem to have gotten away from Super Size, in fact, many have gotten away from fast food restaurants.  I rarely ate in them even when I could.  People seem to be much more aware, are planning ahead (especially working people) and are more cautious.

You can make healthy choice. You can cook meals that are quick and easy.  You can watch portion size.  (See Why I Love MyFitnessPal And The Most Fun Way To Burn Calories!)


I'm proud to say that as per my weight check at the Nephrologist office at 10:45 a.m. today, I am down another 7 pounds!  WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!  My goal - 150 pounds!  I can do it!!!!!!!  So can you.

Per the Nephrologist today, my kidneys are doing better, nowhere near 100%, but better than my last visit, thankfully.  (See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again!)

See your doctor, set a goal and stick with it!  If you find you aren't moving forward, request testing. (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)  Don't give up.

We have an epidemic of unhealthy people.  Many of which are children.  When I was a kid, you rarely saw an overweight child.  Then again, we ate better and we played from morning until night daily!  We rarely ate junk food but if we did, we burned the calories 10 times over!  (See Memories - Vintage Foods From Years Gone By)

What Is Gephyrophobia?  Do you have gephyrophobia?  Do you have any phobias? Yes, we are what we eat, and eating correctly can also help with phobias!

You are what you eat.  Eat your best to be your best!

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See Why I Love MyFitnessPal And The Most Fun Way To Burn Calories!

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