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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom.

For my husband and I, we remember the true meaning of this holiday.  We also celebrate a very special day to us.  (See I Can't Believe It's Been Six Years!!!!!)

Enjoy this holiday weekend.  We are having a family barbecue today, hopefully.  The weather has not been great here on Long Island.

I'm excited because my daughter and niece, their boyfriends and friends come home tonight from their week long cruise on an AMAZING ship!  I miss them all!

Tomorrow is our actual anniversary.  It's supposed to rain!  We will celebrate one day during the week. Maybe we will do something quiet tomorrow since the weather will be bad.

However you celebrate, please remember the true meaning of this holiday.  Sure, enjoy a few drinks, but do it responsibly.  If you are on Long Island, be sure to have Long Island Iced Tea, but remember, even though it tastes like iced tea, it's NOT.  (See Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 2)


Holiday Safe Ride Program

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