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Monday, May 22, 2017

No 911 Existed Yet For Kitty - How The Media Twists, Lies, Exaggerates

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Kitty Genovese

There was no 911 emergency number set up in New York City back in 1964, which happened to be the year I was born. People had to call their local police station.

On March 13, 1964 in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York, the infamous murder of Kitty Genovese took place in the early morning hours after she left work.  This incident was what prompted the start of dialing 911 for an emergency.


Kew Gardens, Queens.  Contrary to some beliefs, was not a "bad" neighborhood.  When people hear of a crime being committed, they often incorrectly ASSUME the neighborhood is "bad". No... the neighborhood is good, generally safe.

The TRUTH is a BAD person came to a good neighborhood and chose to do a BAD thing!  That's exactly what happened when Winston Moseley killed Kitty Genovese on March 13, 1964.


My family still lives in Kew Gardens.  It is a nice neighborhood.  I had family in Howard Beach also. They have since moved to Long Island.  (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)

A New York Times reporter, Martin Gansberg, was put on the story after a meeting with then-police chief Michael Murphy had taken place.  The police chief brought up the Kitty Genovese  murder and said 38 people watched for half an hour and did nothing.  THAT IS FALSE.  


The truth is, per those who were there, she did have aid.  A good friend, who lived in the same apartment building, cradled Kitty in her arms. Not everyone simply "ignored" the situation.  Many didn't realize exactly what was happening.  

Mary Ann Zielonko - Kitty's then lover (pictured here in more recent years)

Kitty Genovese was a lesbian.  In 1964, I couldn't have written that publicly like I did just now, People didn't accept it as easily either.  For that reason, her lover, Mary Ann Zielonko, was presented as her "roommate" to the world.  

Those who knew Kitty in that Kew Gardens neighborhood have never been the same.  Her family never recovered from the horror of her murder.  

Some good did come from the false story.  The 911 system was developed.  I am very grateful for that system.  It would be terrifying to know you may need help and can't get it fast enough.(See Snowstorm Anxiety When You Have Allergies, Asthma, Hashimotos, Cellulitis Issues)

No one has to stop and look up a phone number to local police, everyone is taught 911 these days from a very young age!  It has saved countless lives.  Children as young as three have dialed it and helped save lives.


In the above video, there is a statement, "it don't pay to talk 'cause they twist what you say."  SO TRUE sometimes. 

My personal experience with media has not been good.  

  • I worked in many aspects of the insurance industry over 25 years.  
  • One morning, as I was getting ready for work, the news was airing an "investigative report" all about health insurance.
  • They didn't do much investigating because they were giving out incorrect information, partial information and very bad advice.
  • When I walked into work, the owner of the business, who became my partner years later, was aware of the report and we held a meeting. 
  • The station that did the report was called by many in my industry.  They REFUSED to correct their report. 
  • All they accomplished was scaring and panicking the public, costing the insurance industry a fortune and holding up those who truly needed services.
  • Because people were crazed after the report, our phones (in a Broker's office) rang off the wall. We had to work overtime, which cost the company a lot of money in overtime pay.
  • The insurance carriers also had to pay staff for overtime.
  • Phone lines were backed up.  Those who really needed to get through, couldn't in some cases.
  • It took us a lot of time on each call to convince some people that what the news said was WRONG. 
  • People were angry.  Some people think that if the news says it, it's the LAW and 100% correct. 
  • We were even being falsely accused of  cheating and other nonsense.
  • For about two weeks after the news gave out INCORRECT information, I and others in my field were so busy handled the panic that we couldn't get to our work.  
  • It delayed people's appeals, claims, quotes, etc.  
  • Way to go "investigative" reporters.  Kudos to you.  NOT
  • A relative owned a bar at one time.  An incident took place.
  • The news didn't get one fact straight.
  • These idiots (sorry, but I have to be honest) were interviewing a drug dealer (he was no bigwig, just a young guy who sold pot to friends).  He had never set foot in the bar, just happened to be walking by.
  • It was well known by the young people in the neighborhood who this guy was, but the media couldn't figure it out or didn't bother to.  They simply found someone to interview and since what he said sounded good to them, they aired it.  
  • They never confirmed anything he said.  Had they tried, they would have realized he wasn't from that specific area, never went to that bar, knew nothing of the incident and simply spewed when they shoved a microphone and camera in his face.  
  • Another person interviewed made accusations that didn't make sense.  In fact, what they claimed was absolutely impossible.  But, again, the news wasn't concerned with truth, just a story.  
  • THAT is what they put on the news.  They never bothered to put the owner, bartenders or patrons on the news, just some drug dealer who just made up something off the top of his head. 
  • A local dance school was dealing with a disgruntled parent.
  • The parent had a friend who worked for a local newspaper.
  • That friend wrote a disparaging story about the dance school ONLY taking the parent's side, never speaking with a dance school representative.
  • When the dance school called the paper asking for corrections and to explain their side, the paper and reporter refused.  
l - r  me as a child in a recital, my daughter as a child in a recital (We went to the same dance school)
  • I went to that dance school when I was a child and my daughter went for many years.
  • The school was in business over 50 years at the time and is still in business.
  • Their students have danced on Broadway, become Rockettes, danced for Disney, and much more.  
  • The school is still a top school in the area.  They were even approached to have students dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and they accepted.
  • There was nothing wrong with the school, how it was run, or their teaching.
  • The only problem was a mother with a crazy idea in her head who had a good friend working in media.  
  • An accident happened right in front of a family member's business.  
  • It was witnessed by the family member and many employees.
  • When various media reported it, they got not one fact correct.
  • They couldn't even get the make of the darn car correct.
  • When witnesses would tell people, "that's not what happened", they would answer, "but the NEWS SAID..."   Psssst. here news for you, the NEWS IS WRONG! 
  • When I was in high school, the kids wanted to protest something going on at the time.  
  • I wasn't into it and had no desire to protest anything.
  • The school administrators decided to allow the protest and it would be held during school hours at a certain time for a certain amount of time.
  • Local news decided to report it.  
  • We were all required to be in that spot, even if we weren't protesting in order to keep all the students in one place during this free time, 
  • A reporter walked up to me and asked me a question.  Why she choose me, I have no idea. 
  • I answered.  The whole conversation lasted maybe 2 minutes.
  • The reporter asked something to the effect:  "Why aren't you joining the protest."  I gave a one line answer. 
  • They couldn't even get one freaken sentence correct!
  • The next day, in a local paper, they got my name wrong (I spelled it for her. My name is not difficult) and quoted me wrong.  WTH.  Really??????????  One sentence. She couldn't or WOULDN'T print it correctly!
  • What they wrote made me sound like I was against my fellow students. I never said that.  I said how I PERSONALLY FELT about what they were protesting.  
  • Either the reporter was a complete moron or more likely, deliberately twisted my words to put her own spin on it and make it sound the way she and the paper felt it made a better impact.  

Today, it's easier for the people to hear the truth, or so some think.  With modern technology, people can film what is taking place.  BUT... is that really the truth?  Are we seeing ONLY what they want us to see to make it look ONLY like what they choose to make it look like?  

Are they not showing the whole incident?  Did they come upon the scene in the middle and start filming then?  

Has the media once again manipulated video sent by citizens to make it look and sound the way they want it to with creative editing?  People think because they see a video, it's absolute fact.  It's not.

Benjamin Franklin
My mom always taught us, "believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."  A quote by Benjamin Franklin.  RIGHT ON BEN AND MOM.  

It only takes something VERY SMALL to change a whole meaning.  Punctuation, leaving out a few words, misspelling, misstating, etc. all change the story, whether it be in writing or spoken, whether it's done accidentally or purposely. Very often, media twists, lies or exaggerates for their own agenda.

There are times when media does get to truth.  Sometimes portions of truth.  In my opinion, not as often as they twist, lie and exaggerate. 

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  1. It is so so sad to hear how Kitty was murdered and I feel so sorry for her family, friends and lover. Poor thing x

    1. The whole story is very sad. It's sad we have such deranged people walking among us. Why would anyone want to harm another human being, or any living thing for that matter, is beyond me.

  2. these are all such fascinating stories , funny to thing that 911 came along later on .