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Friday, May 5, 2017

My Unique Way Of Relaxing

I definitely have what many consider a unique way of relaxing.  Most people relax in quiet with dim lights and low noise level.  Not me.

Since I was in elementary school, I was a multitasker.  Teachers were always saying we should go home and do our homework right after school in a quiet place. Oh hell no.  I just spent seven and a half hours, if you include travel time, dealing with school.

I loved to learn and still do.  But, imagine coming home from your job, even if  you love it, and the minute you walk through the door, you start doing that job again!  No way, right.

After school, depending on weather, I was outdoors with friends.  In winter, I liked to read a few chapters of whatever novel I was tackling, cook dinner for the family, chat via phone with friends, watch an after school special and listen to music.

I didn't do these one at a time.  If I was cooking, I was on the phone too.  If I was reading, I was watching a movie too.  People would get crazy if I had the TV and the stereo on at the same time. I still do it today!

I did my homework after dinner, in the den, while watching TV, sometimes with the family around me. My grades were always A's.  I would read a novel the same way.

I was able to tell you exactly what was going on with my homework, novel, the movie and the conversation in the room!

This ability served me well as a single mom, working full-time and attending a local college.  I would work on assignments, do research, type papers and, at the same time, have conversations on message boards with a movie playing in the background.  Again, I knew what was going on with all.

My unique way of relaxing has always been to do what people refer to as "multitasking."  I found it boring and stressful to do one thing at a time.  From elementary school,  I HATED when it was dead silent in a classroom.  I was always in trouble for humming (for noise).

I had a Professor in college approach me in the student lounge.  I was in my late 30s.  He said I shouldn't study while listening to music. I laughed and told him I'd be fine.  I received the highest grade out of 35 students on his test on Human Resources Law.

Most  of my Professors were Adjunct Professors, which I liked better.  They were all working "real jobs" as some ignorant people would say.  They were working in the fields they were teaching in! They were "multitasking", like me!

Needing "action" is probably why I've always been a city girl.  I will visit the country, but any more than a week,  I'm stir crazy.  Give me the fast-paced city any day!  I loved working in New York City back in the day!

As I type this, I'm watching  I.D. Investigation Discovery.  Unfortunately, I'm not able to pay attention to several things at once now, however, I still need to have the "noise" and the "excitement". Hashimotos and other issues cause foggy brain.  I'm working with several doctors regarding this issue.

Therefore, I will stop typing to watch a few minutes.  I will type again during commercials.

Each time I was hospitalized, the nurses wanted to turn my TV off for me to go to sleep. NOOOOOO!  I go to sleep every night with the TV on.  I set the timer for it to turn off in an hour!  I can't fall asleep in silence, too stressful.

My unique way of relaxing is what others would call chaos!  It works for me!

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