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Saturday, May 6, 2017

It''s A Three Ring Circus And You Can Watch LIVE!

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The circus! Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey!  It brings back memories of a wonderful childhood; excitement, amazement and time spent with loved ones!  (See Time Travel - Is It Possible?)

My grandmother, mom's mom, LOVED the circus.  She took mom when she was little, us grandkids and even went with her great grandchildren (we went as a family with our kids, parents and we TOOK Grandma, which she got a kick out of!)

Every year when the circus came to Madison Square Garden, in New York City, my grandmother took a day off work and took us to The Greatest Show On Earth. At first it was me alone (I'm the oldest), then all of us as each grandchild was born!

To me, it was much more than just seeing the circus.  My grandmother was so excited to take us that we were delighted too!  The time spent with her was precious.

Construction of The World Trade Center
My dad worked downtown, on Wall Street. He commuted via the Long Island Railroad and subway daily. Grandma took us to The Garden, midtown, via car each year.  One time, we drove downtown to pick up dad from work after we saw the circus.  They were constructing the twin towers (downtown). Grandma stopped near the construction site and showed us!  She was so excited to tell us about it!

After what happened on 9/11/01, that memory is very dear to me.

As a native New Yorker and someone who worked downtown for many years, I walked through the Trade Center daily. I also knew many people who were there as it happened.

I saw it being built and I watched, devastated, as it was destroyed.

The above act was one of my favorites at the circus!  I thought Gunther was the coolest, toughest man on the planet.  He wasn't bad looking either.

As much as I loved Gunther and the Big Cats, I dreaded the men on stilts!  It terrified me. I still don't understand why, but every year, the minute the opening parade would start, I cried when the men on stilts came out. Once the stilts were gone, I was good.

I took my children to the circus, just the three of us, here on Long Island once.  I thought they would be scared of the stilts.  They thought nothing of it.

My childhood "psychosis" - a whole other blog post!

Most children are alarmed by clowns.  Not I.  I was unique, as usual. (See My Unique Way Of Relaxing)  I was afraid of the stilts.

Halloween party at my house circa 1989
I did learn the hard way that clowns and kids don't mix!
  • I was a young mother. 
  • I had an ingenious idea.
  • I'd put my son down for his nap and dress myself for the Halloween party I was throwing.  
  • I was going to be a clown!  What fun.  Not exactly.
  • My son woke and was hysterical.  
  • The other kids were scared too.  
  • I had to remove my red nose and wash off my face makeup.

Part of the fun at the circus was grandma buying us treats while we watched the show. The smell, the taste of the salty peanuts, the buttery popcorn all while amazing stunts were taking place, added to the delight. (See Family, Friends, Food And Fun!)

Just seeing the old packaging in the pictures above brings back wonderful memories. 

Those memories mean so much to me now being I can no longer enjoy such treats!  One never realizes how much the little things mean until the little things are taken away.  (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

Click Video

My children feel sad. No more wide-eyed wonder to pass down to their children. I looked forward to one day taking my grandchildren to the circus, but that won't happen!  After 146 years, the circus will be no more.

Click Video

At one time, the circus coming to town was like a holiday!  Schools closed, businesses and banks closed. Everyone went to the circus.

When my son and nephew were little, they still had traveling circuses.  Every year the circus would come to town and set up a big tent where the current Kmart and LA Fitness stand!  We took the kids, our parents and our grandmother!

Building on Long Island and politics changed everything and by the time my daughter was born, it was all over. (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)

The very last Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance is scheduled for here on Long Island, in Uniondale, at the Coliseum. My son has tickets for one of the shows. I'm  not sure if it's the actual last one.  You can watch LIVE!

I currently have tickets to see  Cirque Eloize here on Long Island in August with my daughter, sister and niece. I saw a similar show about 10 years ago with my then boyfriend and it was amazing.

DISCLAIMER:  I understand the controversy.
  • For years there have been claims of animal abuse. 
  • Some say it's true, some say it isn't.  
  • Let me be clear, I'm an animal lover and I am against any kind of abuse.  
  • I also do believe that animals should be in their natural habitat.  
However, that being said, I have fond memories of when times where different.
  • The circus was THE THING to do.  
  • I also enjoy watching I Love Lucy even though they openly smoke on the show.  It doesn't make it any less funny.  
  • The animals, regardless of the controversy, didn't make the circus any less amazing to a child! 
  • In fact, although the human performers left adults in awe, the animals is what most of the kids were inspired by!
  • Children don't understand the talent and skill that the humans have.  To them, it's just a trick.
  • Grandma used to arrive early and take us through the menagerie before the show. That was one of my favorite parts of the day! Though it smelled REALLY BAD! 
  • Seeing a real live lion and  brave man in a cage, watching a lady dressed in bright colors ride an elephant, seeing Poodles died like Easter eggs, dancing bears and prancing horses - that was FASCINATING. 
  • When the lions would roar or growl, I tingled with excitement.

I will always  have fond memories of when Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus came to town. It was The Greatest Show On Earth.  It was thrilling, exciting, amazing, funny and fun.  For us kids, it was the second best day of the year; only Christmas morning beat it!

REQUEST:  This is a fun post about fond childhood memories.  A time when nothing bad happened in your child's mind, when you were safe, secure, loved and you anticipated an exciting show and a fun day with your beloved grandma.  

So... no political comments, please. Let's share the love! If you have fond memories of the circus as a kid, feel free to comment!  

With all my current medical issues, it was fun to write this. (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)  Writing this helped with my anxiety and to get me through today!  Let's keep it light and fun!  

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