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Friday, May 26, 2017

I Can't Believe It's Been Six Years!!!!!

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l - r - top  me on our honeymoon, a house near where we stayed, the docks
l - r - middle hubby and I at the lighthouse, beautiful water, private beach signs
l - r - bottom  Wedding at Gurney's Inn, yachts docked in Sag Harbor, famous restaurant
Our Honeymoon Montauk, New York
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Memorial Day Weekend is our 6th Wedding Anniversary, May 29th to be exact.  We were married Memorial Day Weekend in 2011. I can't believe it's been six years!!!!!  (See A Delightful, Adventurous, Luxurious 10 Year Anniversary)

We chose the long weekend because we could hold the wedding on Sunday and everyone had off from work and school on Monday!  For those not from the New York area, school ends the last week of June here. It doesn't start back until the beginning of September, after Labor Day!

It was difficult to hold the wedding on a Saturday as many people in my immediate family work on Saturdays.

CLICK VIDEO - This is where my husband proposed.

Hubby proposed to me at the same docks in Patchogue, NY as in the video above!

When I planned our wedding, I thought it would be adorable to have all little kids in my wedding party, other than my daughter, who would be Maid of Honor.  I loved the way it looked in Royal weddings and I thought it would look pretty for a second wedding.

9/28/85 - the day after Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island.  My mom handmade my gown and the flower girl's gown.

For my first wedding I had eight bridesmaids, a Maid of Honor and a flower girl.  I am still friends with almost all who were in my wedding party, and of course, I still see those that are my relatives.  

l - r back - hubby, me, my daughter (Maid Of Honor) my niece, his nice, my niece, his niece
l - r - front his niece, my nephew, family friend we consider a niece
Plans changed when my niece got excited about my engagement and asked to be a bridesmaid.  I couldn't say no.  And so... I had a bunch of little kids and some older ones too!

We weren't going to take a honeymoon.  Someone very close to us was very ill.  We decided last minute to take a honeymoon close to home, hence our choice of Montauk Point, New York.  Montauk is part of The Hamptons and is a big destination wedding location and honeymoon spot! (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York)

So how will we celebrate our Anniversary?

We don't celebrate during Memorial Day weekend.  We are with family and friends instead.  Also, on Long Island, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial "start" of summer!  Everyone will head out East for the three day weekend (locals, people from the city and people from all over the world).

  • Traffic is very heavy
  • Crowds are huge
  • Prices are sky high.
  • Gas prices go up
  • All prices go up
  • Basically, you get less for more money.  It's the same reason I never travelled during school breaks.  I always took my kids out of school for our vacations!
Instead, we celebrate during the week, the week after.  We have a few things in mind.

  • My favorite game is Craps.  I also like the slot machines, which is all they have I think.  When I would go to Mohegan Sun, I'd play Craps. 
  • Another idea is to head out East on the North Shore, not the South Shore which is the home of The Hamptons. 
  • The North Shore is home to Long Island's Farms and Wineries.  
  • Often the wineries will have live entertainment and you can sit outdoors and enjoy.
  • While I can't personally taste the wine or eat anything, I can bring my own food and bottled water. Hubby can order a glass of wine and some appetizers. 
  • Maybe we will go see a show in NYC depending on how we both feel.  We can't also do dinner, but we can see some sites too.  (See Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 1)
The cruise ship my daughter is on with family and friends as I type this!  This is a picture taken by one of the people in her group.  
I would love to take a cruise (I've taken many but hubby has never been) or travel to Punta Cana this summer with the rest of my family, but we can't.  (See How Would You Escape Reality If Money and Time Were No Object?)

On my daughter's cruise - picture taken by one of the group on the cruise now.
My daughter is on a cruise as I type this and I'm LOVING seeing all the pictures and videos they are all sending while on vacation!  (See 15 Things I Loved About Being Young, Single And Healthy)


Things are different now.  (See Time Travel - Is It Possible?)  I'm limited.  But... we will celebrate, somehow, some way.  Whatever we do, it will be meaningful, fun, romantic and enjoyable.  We may not be jetting off to Europe, but, hey, people Jet TO Long Island every day, so...  I'm already HERE! Lucky me.

Always look at the pros (See Pros And Cons) even when dealing with the cons (See Oops, I Did It Again....)   Remember, sometimes certain things are unexplained (See Divine Intervention? Amazing Luck? Or Was It Jinxed Real Estate? You Decide) but we must be grateful, it could be worse.

Sure I can't do what I used to do, however, I'm lucky to have been raised with a backbone and can deal with it.  (See Is Society Raising A Bunch Of Pansies?)

Stay tuned... Our Anniversary Celebration pictures/ videos coming soon! 

While you enjoy your barbecues, family, friends, beaches, activities, remember what this holiday is REALLY about.  
Enjoy a few drinks, but do it responsibly.  If you are on Long Island, be sure to have Long Island Iced Tea, but remember, even though it tastes like iced tea, it's NOT.  (See Foods And Drinks That Originated In Or Are Associated With New York Part 2)


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