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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Food Allergy Awareness Week - YOU CAN HELP!!

Help to bring awareness.  Help spread the word.  Help others learn.  Help consumers to be safe. (See Lower-Cost Generic for EPIpen)

Just hearing the word Allergy can send people into a frenzy for various reasons.
  • Some people panic and don't want to deal with anyone who has allergies.  
  • Others consider the whole allergy thing nothing but a big pain in the butt.  The person suffering with allergies is labeled annoying or difficult.  
  • Parents of children with allergies are often shunned, labelled annoying, paranoid, difficult, bossy and dramatic. 

You can help make people aware:
  • No one wants to be shunned, considered a pain, annoying, paranoid, difficult, bossy or dramatic. They are suffering, more than you know. 
  • If you think it's hard on you, imagine how hard it is on them.(See Why I Want To Tie My Family To Chairs)
  • It's something they can't control but must learn to live with! 
  • A little empathy goes a long way!  
  • Be considerate, patient and kind.  
You can help spread the word:
  • Share this blog post on Social Media and use #TealTakeover.
  • Visit FARE website and share with those who may benefit.

  • Participate.  Choose from one or more events on the above calendar.
  • Get family, friends, coworkers, teachers and Principals involved. 
You can help others to learn:  

  • When out in public or visiting family and friends, don't take utensils from one dish and use them in another.  You will contaminate that dish.  Wait... the three seconds you save isn't worth someone possibly dying. 
  • When someone is allergic, they can't have "just a little bit."  A little bit can kill.  They can't have ANY.  Thinking "just a little" is a very common misconception.  
  • Stop and think before you speak.  (See That Doesn't LOOK Gluten Free)
Help Consumers To Be Safe:
  • Teach allergy sufferers to read labels, always.  
  • Don't just read the front of packaging.  It may have Gluten-Free splashed across the front, but trust me, read the labels carefully.  (See Oh, I Know, You Have Celiac Disease. Umm, No, Not Exactly)
  • Just saying nut-free, soy-free, egg-free isn't enough.  Read, Read, Read all labels on every product you purchase, not just food. 
  • Ask about medications, many contain ingredients that could be a problem. 
Being diligent and aware can save a life! Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  

People with illnesses have feelings.  Illness can cause severe anxiety as well.  

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What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?

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Living with allergies isn't fun.  But, it is doable.  My best advice:

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  1. My youngest (12 months) has suffered from food allergies and it's been a long year or learning and adjusting. We go Monday for the scratch test. Hopefully it will give us more knowledge so we can always be fully prepared. Thanks for bringing awareness to this cause!

    1. You are welcome. It could seem overwhelming when you are first learning. I think my blog and the link to FARE's website will be very helpful. My advice to you is be diligent. Don't worry about whether people think you are being dramatic, over protective or a pain in the butt. This is your child and you must be careful, regardless of what others think. I wrote several posts on that, if you want to take a look through some other articles!

  2. This is an excellent post. Food allergies can be so serious and it's important for people to be well informed!

    1. Thank you. Before I became a "victim" I admit I was clueless. They say you have to walk a mile in another man's shoes. Well... now that I am, I want to bring awareness. Please check out some of my other blog posts and feel free to subscribe and share!