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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Does Weather Affect You?

Does weather affect you?  I've always been affected by weather emotionally.  Now I'm affected emotionally and physically.  (See Oops, I Did It Again....) to follow along with the Mystery saga!


Sunny Days

My favorite season is summer.  I love warmth.  I always loved being outdoors on a beautiful summer day and night. 

Smith Point Beach, Fire Island, NY - photo taken by me
I was a beach bum at one time. (See How to Deal With Life's Bizarre Challenges)  Back then, I'd spend all day at the beach, if I didn't have work.  If I did, I'd stay until I had to leave to get ready for work as a waitress.  When I worked on Wall Street some summers for my Dad's company, I went to the beach on weekends. 

In those days, you could go to the beaches at night and start a bonfire and no one bothered you. We weren't doing anything bad, no drugs, no negative activities.  We were hanging on the beach, listening to the waves, playing music and enjoying the fire and our friends. Today, authorities kick you off. 

I also loved eating lunch or dinner at an outdoor restaurant on the water - I was NORMAL back then, (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?) going to parks, or being with family and friends in my own backyard, etc. 

picture taken by me years ago.  you would never find this unless you knew it was there! can't be Googled.
I spent many days frolicking in The Hamptons through the years too!   Private beaches (no you can't Google them) are the best.  

If it was warm, I was/am happy!

Sunny days and warm nights always put me in a great mood! Yesterday, it hit about 80 degrees here on Long Island. It was a beautiful, sunny day.  I was in a great mood, even though I was driving to my annual mammography/sonogram appointment.  

Rainy Days 

Regardless of season, rainy days always put me in "cozy mood" especially in cold weather.   

On rainy days at home, I'd watch old movies, go through pictures, work on a project, etc.  Dinner, if it was cold out, was soup (either homemade or delivery from the Chinese Restaurant).  The kids used to love tomato soup and grilled cheese on days/nights like that! 

When the kids were little, it was a good day to play board games. 

These days, I'm still the same.  However, it also affects me physically.  I get a lot of aches and pains, sometimes trouble breathing.


I have a love/hate relationship with Fall.  Fall means Winter is on the way. As it gets colder out, I'm not happy.  

me and my family several years ago on a pumpkin farm out East.
However, I do love Fall activities.  I used to take the kids to the farms out East with the family to go pumpkin picking and apple picking.  Even as adults, the "kids" still love going with the family.  I went a few years back, however, these days, it's not as easy.  

Certain parts of the farm cause Asthma trouble. When the family all went to get something to snack on, I had to go sit in the car with the air conditioner on. 

I also enjoy the gorgeous colors of the leaves changing. Though as it gets colder, I'm not happy. When the trees are almost bare, I start to dread it.  That means Winter is around the corner.


I HATE COLD. I am always cold, I could never get warm enough, hence my love for hot weather.  It was probably made worse by Hashimoto's Disease.(See Dealing With The Issues Associated With Hashimoto's Disease)  It went undiagnosed for many years.

When I left my ex-husband December, 1994, I moved in with my parents for two years.  My youngest sister still lived at home.  I used to "bribe" her to take the kids out to play in the snow! She used to take me up on it. YES!!!!!!!

"If you go out with them to play in the snow, I'll make the hot chocolate,cookies, tomato soup and grilled cheese."  I LOVED to cook, not like that was gourmet cooking, but if I could get out of the cold and SNOW and do something I enjoyed, it was a win/win.

That's back in the days when I was NORMAL and could actually cook, eat and drink anything. (See Family, Friends, Food And Fun!)

For Recent Recipes See: Crockpot Meals.


pictures taken by me through the years
The white crap that falls from the sky and wrecks havoc!  I DESPISE IT.  I hate being out in it, driving in it, anything to do with it.  I used to save personal days so I could take off on snow days (unless there were too many) if the company didn't close.

I can't take cold weather and my last year working (I worked from 3 p.m. until 11:30 p.m.) was horrific.  That year, not only did we get a lot of snow (most often we were closed due to the high amount of snow) but, the weather was literally FREEZING.

It was very hard to breathe in that weather, so I had to wear a face mask whenever I went outside. Because I can't take cold physically, I had to bundle up with a heavy coat, hat, scarf, gloves, face mask, and I'd put on the hood to my coat too.

My friends at work used to tease me because it took me 10 minutes to bundle before walking out the door.  We had a long walk.  Even with my handicapped parking sticker, it was a far walk.  There is NO close parking to that building.  UGH.

If it snowed while I was in the building, I had to clean off my car in the freezing cold and that caused breathing issues too.

Driving home on ice and trying to walk on ice was horrible.  No matter how much maintenance did, it was still icy outside my building. No matter how much my Dad did, it was still icy in the driveway. Our driveway is on a hill and a curve.  Not fun.


Mom generally let us stay home from school on snow days.  She didn't go by what the school did, she went by what she wanted to do!  I was the same with my kids.

One time, she sent us.  She said it didn't look as bad out as predicted and school was open. one showed up.  Out of about 30 kids in the class, about 8 of us where there.

The teacher knew it was pointless to start any lessons.  He came up with the bright idea of going outside and having a snowball fight. I asked if I could stay in the classroom.  He refused.  Needless to say, I was PISSED.

Not only was I freezing, even bundled, but I was getting hit with crap and I was all wet, making me colder.  When we finally went inside, my pants were so wet, I couldn't stop shivering.

I was so happy it started to snow pretty hard and they sent us home early. They had predicted that snow late the night before.  Mom thought we weren't getting it.  We got it, only hours later.

Personally, I think she just wanted a day of relaxation and had some wishful thinking that the snow wasn't coming, so she shipped us off to school!  GRRRRRRRR  I still have not forgiven her. ha ha.

When I got home, I bitched for hours.  The TORTURE my horrible teacher bestowed upon me when I could have been home doing something in the warmth of my comfy house was just appalling.

As a kid, I'd go sleigh riding with my family and neighborhood kids and sometimes my Dad would join us.  I was always the first one to go inside.

In my opinion, there is nothing nice or good about cold or snow!


I like Spring, especially once it gets warmer toward the end of Spring.  I love that everything is blooming and signs of life are visible.  You see people out and about, animals scurrying around, birds in the yard!

I don't like POLLEN.  I have a very hard time breathing.

There's also a lot of rainy days in Spring.  Those are the days when I want to stay in all day.

The best part about Spring is that I know Summer is coming!  I also love the Spring holidays; Easter and Mother's Day.


The above video was shot in Patchogue, New York on the South Shore of Long Island about a week ago.  We had a doctor's appointment that morning in Patchogue. It was beautiful out.  I asked hubby if he wanted to take a ride down by the docks where he proposed to me.  We spent about 20 minutes. It was so nice.


This video was shot on a nasty, rainy day.  I did NOT want to go out, but my husband had a doctor's appointment.  We HAD to go out.  I waited in the car and it started to DOWNPOUR.  Ugh.


This was a recent weekend.  It was so beautiful out and I had been suffering with swelling and headaches.  I was able to spend an hour at the beach with hubby!

My moods definitely go with the weather. Are you affected by the weather?  Leave a comment on this blog!

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