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Friday, April 28, 2017

Time Travel - Is It Possible?

Me, watching the kids play on a private Island during a Disney cruise - 1999
I recently watched a documentary online about Time Travel.  So they say, it may one day be possible! Personally, I think they are doing some serious drugs.

If it does become possible, though,sign me up! Yes... I want to go Back To The Future!  I want to be NORMAL again.  I also miss when my kids were little and all the fun we had!
top l -r my kids on vaca circa 1996, me and son in St. Petersburg 1989, my sis, friend and me Great Adventure circa 1984
middle l - r my son at water park on vaca circa 1998, my daughter and I at Niagara Falls circa 2002, group trip to Sesame Place circa 1990
bottom l - r group trip NYC at Christmas circa 2000, Long Island Game farm circa 2002, Niagara Falls circa 2002

top - l - r  pumpkin farm on Long Island unknown year, my daughter and nieces at Lake George, circa 2003, me and my daughter Disney Cruise 1999
middle - l - r Bronx Zoo circa 1997, Disney trip with friends circa 2001, me white water rafting Maine circa 2007
bottom - l - r  me and sis as kids on vaca circa 1969, niece and dad Lake George circa 2003, Cedar Beach, NY unknown year.
top - l - r me and daughter NYC circa 2000, Massachusetts with friends circa 2000, pumpkin farm Long Island unknown year
middle - l - r  my daughter Disney 1999, me and son Sesame Place circa 1990, my daughter Sesame Place circa 1999
bottom - l - r me on a cruise 1985, me and my kids Disney cruise 1999, me and kids Disney cruise 1999
I want to travel like I used to.  (See How to Deal With Life's Bizarre Challenges)

Do it TODAY - before it's too late.  (See Listen To Erma - She Knows...)

I want to do exciting things and be able to breathe, try delicious cuisines and not wind up in an ambulance; you know, like NORMAL people! (See Welcome - Make Yourself At Home - Some History On Me)

Me at a party, 1997, with a cigarette and a screwdriver (I quit smoking in 2001) but at least I was NORMAL back then!
I want to go to parties without a care like I used to.  (See What About Restaurants, Parties, Invites And Public Places?)  I want to eat the delicious food at the party like I used to. (See Incredible, Amazing Party With My Fabulous Fun, Insane Family And Friends!)

I want to go Back To The Future and hopefully PREVENT what is happening now, somehow, some way.  Wishful thinking, I know. It's not preventable, but, if I'm going to time travel, dammit, I'm going to prevent illness too!

If I had a choice of winning 70 million dollars or going back and doing it all again, I'd go back, enjoy it all again, the good and the bad and try to prevent IT from attacking me..(See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again!)

I've learned, though, never to complain.  Yes, sometimes things "get to you" and you have wild fantasies, but, I always appreciated what I DID have and didn't dwell on what I DIDN'T have.  My pros were always more than my cons. They still are.  (See Pros And Cons)

  • Single mom working full-time.
  • Going back to school for my Bachelor's Degree.
  • Trying to keep up with everything that had to be done.
  • Four hours of sleep a night for many years.
  • Running ragged to get my kids to doctors, dentists, hair cuts, activities and more.
  • Walking the floors for three hours at night with a sick child and having to be at work on time for a big meeting by 8:30 a.m.
  • Lugging diaper bags, strollers, groceries, Christmas trees and everything else alone when the kids were little. 
  • I got sued for orthodontist bills for my daughter. I had paid my share in full in one payment. 
  • I paid twice, his share and mine. It wasn't worth missing work, using my time off, aggravation, seeing his mug or lawyer's fees to take him to court.  
  • I had to have child support garnished and direct deposited into my account,
  • I had to go to court more times than I can count, hire lawyers, see counselors, get evaluations by psychologists (me and my kids) and other nonsense.    
top l  - r my daughter in one of her dance recitals, my son at Gymboree, a birthday party I threw for my daughter.
middle - l - r  my incredible sisters and me, a bunch of kids at my house for the weekend, Halloween party at my house.
bottom l - r Christmas with family and friends, beautiful tree at sister's house, backyard fun with family and friends

  • Being a single mom with 100% custody - I made all decisions, no one to "argue" with. 
  • I liked being the one in charge and I did it well. 
  • I got all the smiles, hugs, kisses and had the fun!
  • I had loving family and friends who always lent a hand.
  • I was able to go back to school to earn my Bachelor's Degree. 
  • I was able to pay off my student loans in one lump sum with one check!
  • I planned many trips with and without family and friends and we had a ton of fun.
  • I met wonderful men who I had/have amazing relationships with and who were/are great to my kids.
  • I got to choose doctors, dentists and activities for my kids and more.
  • I was able to pay off his share of the orthodontist monthly and not deal with any nonsense.
  • I had peace of mind, I avoided as much aggravation as possible.  
  • I only dealt with lawyers and courts to protect my children, other than that, it just wasn't worth it and I was able to let it go, thankfully.  
  • I and my children were found to be mentally sound and I was a fit parent. 
  • There was the ability to garnish wages for child support. Years ago, children suffered more than today. 
  • I had things to lug, we never went without supplies, groceries, Christmas decorations/gifts.
  • We had wonderful holidays with family and friends.
  • I was a crazy lady and took on MORE kids, often having nieces, nephews and friends' kids at my house for the weekend and sometimes a week straight (when I was on vacation). 
  • I once had had 8 kids for an entire week at my condo and I LOVED it, so did they.
  • I have wonderful memories, had many laughs, and have life-long friends and amazing family.
  • Everything I did, I put my kids first.  
  • When I first left my ex, I was offered a position in New York City for $80,000 a year.  In the 2000's that doesn't sound like a lot, but back then, it was a high salary.  I turned it down to work closer to my kids. 
  • All my jobs were family friendly. I could arrange my schedule to accommodate the kids.
  • I never missed a school play, party, parade, concert, etc.

Even with all my current problems, I do look forward to the real future!  (See The Family I Haven't Met Yet)

It's been tough, but you handle what you have to.  I've always come back fighting at anything thrown my way!

I never say to anyone, "you couldn't handle it". No one knows what anyone else couldn't handle. People are making themselves feel better about their situation saying that. It's just as silly as demanding things from others (See You Should Have Demanded... Part One)

 I don't believe I was dealt this hand because I'm SOOOOOOO AMAZING, I CAN HANDLE IT.  Personally, I think it's just simply bad luck.

Bad things happen to good people.  Someone was watching over me during some serious times, though. (See Divine Intervention? Amazing Luck? Or Was It Jinxed Real Estate? You Decide) So, I don't complain.

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    1. They say without your health, you have nothing. How true it is. My time with my kids when they were little and having good health is priceless. Nah, 70 million wouldn't do it for me. I'd have a lot of money, but money can't buy health.