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Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Second Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor April 21, 2017

I saw my new doctor again.  (See My Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor March 31, 2017 and My Third Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor May 9, 2017
Holy cow, Batman.  Can you say, PAPER.  That's just my records from the latest doctors/hospitals I've seen in 2016.  I'd need a U-Haul to get all my records since this craziness started.
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She received all the medical records she requested from my one million doctors and hospitals! She also had the lab work results.  (See I Peeked! I Was Horrified! I was Traumatized!)  Upon review of the medical records and the lab work, she ordered MORE TESTS!!!!!

She thinks she's on the right track.  She sees a "pattern" with my blood in every test done by every doctor and hospital.  Seeing the pattern tells her something, hence the reason for reviewing ALL my medical records.  Seeing it by itself isn't as alarming..

That was her explanation as to why no other doctor could ever figure anything out.  None of them were interested in getting ALL medical records from ALL the specialists and hospitals and reviewing everything that was done.

Each specialist was only checking "their part" and no one, until now, ever put it ALL TOGETHER in one big entire body scenario.  (See You Should Have Demanded... Part One)

I still won't say what she thinks it is until I have an actual, verified diagnosis.

She did not receive the test results back from Stony Brook University Hospital where I went per her instruction when IT happened again.  I'm still waiting to hear about that.  She said it could take some time.  (See IT Struck Again Last Night - What Is IT????)

So... she ordered MORE tests.
  • This past Monday I went to the lab yet again for MORE blood to be drawn, 
  • I also had to leave a urine sample on the spot in a cup.
  • I had to do ANOTHER 24 hour urine collection meaning I had to pee in a hat AGAIN!
I dropped off the 24 hour urine collection this morning, 4/26/17.  (See The Time-Censored Light Switch)

She also wants a biopsy of the salivary glands and possibly a biopsy of the kidneys, esophagus and colon.  Oh boy, what FUUUUUUUN!!!!!  I'm so excited, NOT. (See Me, My Highfalutin Car And The ENT..)

I called the ENT and they told me they couldn't get me in until JUNE!  Really?  The biopsy tests are not to rule out cancer, but for what she thinks I may have.

If it is what she thinks it is, it affects the organs, hence the kidney failure (which taking the supplements contributed to) and stomach issues, the swelling of the neck, the Hashimoto's, etc. (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

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I decided to take charge.
  • I called the Allergist/Immunologist office (my extraordinary new doctor) and told them that the ENT won't give me an appointment until June.  
  • I know from working in the insurance field many years that very often a doctor can get you in sooner. 
  • I'm awaiting a call back to see if they were able to get me squeezed in. 
After all, I'm living on powdered nutrition!  (See Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....)

I mean, I am pretty cool and all.  I drink my nutrition from a Budweiser glass!

But, I really do want to find help for this nonsense.  (See How I Dealt With The Easter Holiday)

I asked the doctor to explain what the treatment would be if it turns out to be what she thinks.  She told me it's not going to be easy.  GREAT.  There's various treatments, but none are guaranteed to work.

We will cross that bridge when we get to it she said.  It's going to be a hard crossing I'm thinking.

And so, I wait.  Stay tuned...

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