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Monday, April 3, 2017

More On The Sweet 16 - In Pictures And Video Clips

Cake made by a friend for Thursday night's pre-party.

Pizza party with blue martini glasses - sleepover on Thursday night.
The partying started last Thursday night, 3/30/17.  The cake above was made by a friend and the cupcakes were made by another friend.  The birthday girl had her friends and cousins over for a pizza party and cake!  They slept over! 

My niece in the process of getting an updo.  

updo complete.  
The day of the party, the makeup artists and hairdressers came to the house to do everyone's hair and makeup. Everyone being my sister, mother of the birthday girl, my niece and the friends in her court. My sister owned her own salon for many years and is still in the business, so she has the best of the best come to the house for special occasions.   (See Incredible, Amazing Party With My Fabulous Fun, Insane Family And Friends!)

my sister doing my makeup for my big day

one of the stylists doing a wedding party girl's hair

my other sister doing another flower girl's hair
They did my hair and makeup and my wedding party's hair and makeup at her house almost six years ago for my second wedding to my current husband!  This husband is a keeper! 

Limo to bring the birthday girl and her court to the venue.

Unfortunately, it rained ALL day on 3/31/17.  They got the birthday girl into the limo with huge umbrellas and some help!
They started the night with a limo to take my niece, her court (friends) and my daughter - a professional photographer, to the catering hall.  

The party was held at Watermill Caterers, Smithtown, NY.  I had my reception there the first time I married.  It was the day after Hurricane Gloria, in 1985.  Someone up there was trying to tell me something!!!!!  The hall rented a generator, and the party was on!  The best part of the whole marriage was my amazing reception!  I left that marriage in December of 1994 and never looked back!

My sister was married there in 1986 (wedding and reception) and my other sister had her reception there in 1998!

They did an amazing job for every special occasion!

Audrey Hepburn - In Breakfast At Tiffany's

Tiffany & Co., New York City

The theme of the Sweet 16 was Breakfast At Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn.  It's my niece's favorite movie. That's why her court wore similar black dresses, like Audrey's above.  The centerpieces had blue gift boxes (Tiffany's trademark blue jewelry box)  and the overhead lighting was in blue. The blue lighting turned everything and everyone blue - we look like Smurfs!

hubby had a plate of cheese and fruit at the cocktail hour.  I brought my own baked red potato.
The event started at 8 p.m.  There was a cocktail hour and the reception was from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.

We were at Table 4

The centerpieces.  My sister made them.

The cake for the candle lighting ceremony..  I heard it was very tasty - too bad I couldn't try some. 

The M&M's with sayings on them that my sister had made.

At the house, prior to the party - my sis took the pics, I couldn't be there due to my allergies - too much cleaning stuff and hair spray and chemicals going on. 

Another shot of the centerpieces.

Breakfast At Tiffany's was playing throughout the night.

The photo booth - a ton of fun

I heard the food was delicious.

They had a potato bar, all different potatoes and toppings.

Some of the food

They showed a video my daughter put together and surprised my niece with.

The box where you put the gifts.  It's customary in NY to give monetary gifts for formal parties like weddings, Sweet 16's...

Another clip from the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany's - which was her theme.

The ice cream bar

Dessert - the staff brings meals and dessert to the parents. 
CLICK ON VIDEO - it will play

The chocolate fountain

dessert brought by staff along with the cake.

ice cream from the ice cream bar - wish I could have tasted it. 

M&M's with sayings on them at the ice cream bar.

Chocolate martinis - my cousin and my sis enjoyed them. 
Everyone had a great time.  We all love to dance so the dance floor was packed all night long!

CLICK VIDEO - it will play.  Partying continues on the party bus after the reception.

They sent a party bus rather than a limo to pick them up at the end of the night!  They continued the party on the bus and then back at my sister's house until 4 a.m.  Hubby and I were not a part of that, we left at 1 a.m. and went home.  

Thank you card handed out at the end of the evening.
Cupcakes made by a friend. They were the favors

close up of cupcakes
The thank you cards were handed out at the end of the evening, along with the favors! 

The night was a success!  I was able to be there and stay there.  Everyone had a great time!  

UPDATE on visit to new doctor coming soon! (See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again!)

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