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Thursday, March 2, 2017

You Should Have Demanded... Part One

 Why I Couldn't Eat Anything, Why I Couldn't Lose Weight

It all started about 8 years ago (read my story here). Or did it?  .

I was always a thin person.  Suddenly, I started gaining weight.  My activity level didn't change, my eating habits didn't change, yet I was gaining . Flash forward to about 8 years ago, when I ate a piece of a cookie one Sunday evening and wound up in the Emergency Room. Things got progressively worse from there.  

At one point, it got so that I couldn't put anything in my mouth without having a reaction. I told this to every doctor I saw.  No one had an answer.  In fact, they often ignored me.  

One day my mom asked, "what did the doctor say"  I said, "nothing."  She asked, "what do you meant, nothing."  I told her, "nothing, they didn't even respond."  I think even my own mother thought I was crazy.  Until...

Not long after that conversation, I got another bout of  cellulitis.  I went to see the Physician's Assistant and she gave me oral antibiotics.  My parents took me for a follow up and I saw another one of the PA's.  He didn't like what my leg looked like and said he was calling the ER and sending me there to be admitted into the hospital through the ER.  

My parents drove me directly from the doctor's office to the ER.  The PA wanted the ER doctor to take me immediately.  Of course, infectious disease was called in at the Emergency Room and I was admitted and put into the main hospital the next morning when they had a bed..  

My mom had come into the examining room with me at the doctor's office when I saw the PA.  She mentioned to him that I couldn't eat anything without having a reaction.  He didn't respond, just walked out the door to call the ER physician.  Mom said it again when he came back.  Again, she was ignored, he simply kept discussing the cellulitis. It's almost as if these doctors are deaf, blind and mute - it is frustrating.  They aren't doing it on purpose, I understand. 

Both my parents mentioned it to various doctors at the ER.  Only one actually responded.  He said, "well, I don't know."  

Some have said we should have DEMANDED answers.  One cannot demand anything of anyone.  I spent 30 years in various aspects of Customer Service and those who make demands get less service, less quality and less of the experts' time.  Not just with me, with everyone. If you are nice, remain calm and keep a sense of humor, often people will go above and beyond to help.   I've done it, regardless that it was on my own time and I wasn't being paid. 

You cannot demand respect, an apology or anything else.  It's as ridiculous as demanding someone fall in love with you.  You may think your demands have been met, In reality, you have been appeased.  Was that "apology" sincere?  No.  The person felt the same way they did before your demand, they just appeased you for their own benefit; to keep a job, to shut you up, etc.  

My job(s) have been threatened by those making demands.  They wanted something I simply could not give them.  Side note:  I've never lost a job due to a demand.   

I've had many people toot their own horn thinking that because they demanded something, they got it. If they did, it had nothing to do with demands.  It was simply possible to be accommodated.

Can you help to change thing?.  Yes... you can educate or seek education, request a change of technique, lobby for funds, petition for a change of rules, laws, etc.  Being nasty, destructive, threatening... that's going to be met with a brick wall. People will avoid you.

About 25 years ago, I worked for a large government agency that had a nationwide computer glitch. Our system killed off many people and sent letters to that effect.  We got many angry phone calls.

I still remember one call.  I answered after having been screamed at and threatened for hours.  The first thing the caller said was "how do I sound to you?"  I thought he was asking if I could hear him. My response, "you sound fine, Sir" to which he replied, giggling, "pretty good for a dead guy!"   We both cracked up laughing. 

I told him what I told everyone (I serviced seniors).  It will take a week to fix the problem, please disregard the notice, everything will be reprocessed.  What did I do?  I held onto his information and after one week, I checked to see if he was corrected.  He was.  I manually went into the system and reprocessed.  We were allowed to manually fix so many per day at our discretion.. The nice guy, unbeknownst to him, got his check more quickly than those who demanded.  They got theirs about three weeks later.  

If these medical professionals were avoiding giving me an answer, they were baffled. Some people prefer to ignore, it's their way of dealing. Doctors don't treat individuals and symptoms, they treat numbers.  If the test says the number is normal, in their minds, it's normal. 

The ER doctors started me on IV antibiotics, which also gave me a reaction.  The infectious disease team switched the IV antibiotic and I was finally able to tolerate that.  

Having issues with medications only leads to even more anxiety.  Having Hashimotos causes a lot of problems and could be an underlying factor in all my issues with foods, medications and chemicals. 

When you are susceptible to recurring infections and you have issues with medications, you become very worried about medical staff not being able to cure you.  You even worry, will I die?  


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