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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two


Part 2 - See Part 1

Being in the hospital stinks.  It's worse when you suffer with food, medication and chemical allergies. Bleach causes a severe allergy/asthma attack.  What hospital doesn't use bleach?  I have to constantly be on guard that no one sprays it in my hospital room.  Read about when the ER almost killed me.

The limited foods I could eat were brought to me from home.  Not one doctor was willing to even try to understand what was going on.  I was told to "see an allergist" which I was already doing to no avail. 

So... why was I, who could hardly eat anything, who was having horrific stomach issues, gaining and gaining?  It wasn't portion size, I was weighing all the food. I was often eating less than I should have been and yet, I was gaining and/or couldn't lose.  

Welcome to Hashimoto's Disease. It went undiagnosed for years so it got worse and worse.  

Eventually anything I put into my mouth caused swelling and other issues.  Was I going to have to live life in a plastic bubble, weighing in at 800 pounds? 

As I mentioned in previous posts, I had seen several allergists/immunologists (one did finally diagnose me with Hashimotos) and I saw several endocrinologists and gastroenterologists and several of many other specialists. It sometimes takes a long search to find a doctor you feel is truly knowledgeable.

I had seen holistic doctors in the past. At that time I had not developed all the allergies.  I was seeing him for the recurring infections in my leg. Unfortunately, the doctor left to teach in another state. 

Holistic is never covered under insurance.  It was expensive to pay out of pocket.  This doctor, whom I really liked, happened to be a good friend of a friend/coworker and gave me a discount.  He also allowed a payment plan. Once he left, I couldn't find someone I could afford or trusted. I went about 10 years without a holistic doctor.    Until...

I started to work as a travel agent.  Right next door was a doctor's office.  He would come into our office on Saturdays to pick up his mail. He introduced himself and told me he was a holistic doctor, I told him what my issues were.  He offered to see me and because we were "neighbors", he gave me a good rate.  

The holistic doctor decided to get back to basics.  Click the link to read about it.

He started me on natural supplements. Eventually, I was advised to try certain foods one at a time at his instruction and to be sure it was all organic.  And so... I thought, FINALLY, someone who is able to help me.  I was feeling a bit better and eating real food again, not everything, but enough so that I wasn't going to die.  

Switching to all organic caused me to lose weight.  I know several people who did nothing other than switch to all organic and they too lost weight.  I've found that genetically modified foods, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones cause weight gain.  If they are giving animals something to make them "bigger and better" to earn more profit, what will it do to us?  Make us "bigger" too!  

It reminds me of an article I read once.  An American was traveling in another country and saw cows. He asked what was wrong with the cows.  The response, "nothing, that is what a cow is SUPPOSED to look like." 

The holistic doctor was helping me for a while. However, my kidneys could not handle the supplements.  I was hospitalized with kidney failure.  I had to stop all supplements. 

 I'm now seeing a new allergist/immunologist (I was still seeing one along with the holistic doctor) who is doing very specific blood work and other testing. .  

When you have one auto immune disease (I have Hashimotos), you generally have or eventually wind up with others.  They have recently done studies showing that Type II Diabetes should also be classified as an autoimmune disease, which makes sense.  

Why can't I eat "normally" and why couldn't I lose weight?  We don't have a definitive answer, only guesses at this time.  So... I still have hope that someone will be able to help me live a more normal life.  I see the allergist/immunologist again tomorrow morning.  The story is ongoing, frustrating and anxiety-ridden but...  

I keep my head high, I keep a sense of humor, and even though I'm limited and can't live life the way I used to, I still remember, it could be worse.  

If you are having trouble losing weight and/or having inexplicable health issues, of course, see a doctor you trust, but you may want to consider eating all organic.  Also, get your thyroid checked and, if you are having symptoms, even if the doctor says your numbers are normal, don't give up. Keep looking for a specialist who will try to help you.

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